Sorry, but what's Java script?

ccarrollMarch 30, 2014

Excuse my ignorance - I'm perfectly capable of deftly using the internet, but I don't know about all the underlying terminology. When the description of an email provider mentions that it "requires Java script," what does that mean? My previous email encounters worked from any random computer.

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JavaScript is a widely used programming language which in this case probably means that if JavaScript is not enabled, then your webmail won't be able to display some of the advertising that they want you to see. It could also mean that some functions of the web site won't work as desired. For example, oftentimes I am unable to read the "COMMENTS" at the end of a news article if I am blocking scripts from running (which I normally do using NoScript for Firefox). Which email provider are you attempting to use?

Here is a link that might be useful: JavaScript

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Gmail allows you to choose to run in HTML rather than having JavaScript enabled.

At HelpMeFind you can right click and download photos if JavaScript is disabled (in Opera's 'settings').

I can browse on GardenWeb without JavaScript but must enable it to sign in. After signing in it can be disabled again and you can still post a message! Strange.

What started me on disabling it was a slow internet connection. Seemed to perform faster with JavaScript disabled. Then I heard it was vulnerable to attack so continued to surf when possible without it.

Good link Azinoh.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I use the HTML version of Gmail, not because it's faster or anything, just because I prefer the appearance.

I know I do a lot of things backward, but instead of blanket denying JavaScript and allowing where needed, I give them the benefit of the doubt by allowing but turning it off where they've did something obnoxious. Like the JavaScript slide-shows that never seem to have a pause button.

As far as feeling vulnerable, I really don't, I figure that as long as I'm not running some ancient out of date browser, there's not that much concern.

As for disabling JavaScript to download images, I've done that. Sometimes you even have to disable styling by setting "Page Style" to "No Style" too. For example... here.

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So if I'm understanding you correctly:

1. Java script may already be in the computer, but enabled, or not. (I use mostly public computers, by the way - library, internet cafes, etc.)

2. Java script is likely not absolutely required for the email, but note likely required to fully access all aspects of the email.

I'm asking because I found a great list of email options that provide a far better chance for privacy that the standard ones, and one of the things in their descriptions is whether or not Java script is required. I'm trying to figure out whether the fact that a provider requires Java script should be a factor in my choice.

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You want privacy...versus who? Others users of those public computers? Make sure you have a STRONG password and clear the cookies-cache-history after each use. Beyond that, nothing is really private. The ISP, law enforcement and government could easily collect all your communications if they wanted to. Whoever is in charge of managing the network at the library/internet cafe could be taking a peek too.

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Will the public computers allow changes to the settings?

JavaScript does come with the operating system.

Disabling JS and using the HTML mode in Gmail does limit some features. But it is still susceptible to surveillance. As is the case with all digital communication. If that's the correct term. To only surf (not posting) without leaving tracks on the computer one needs to use something like Sandbox or a USB device with the required portable app on it. I have Lenox (Ubunto) on a USB and can boot up my computer with it.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Basically then, what you want to know is how to safely use a public computer?

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@chuggerguy I kinda expected a big troll face appear on that link.... and probably more appropriate then a google search.

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