Dell printer V515W Not Communicating W/ Computer

oceanbabyMarch 6, 2013

After I put in two new ink cartridges the printer stopped communicating with the computer. I tried following the instructions pulling the plug, restarting etc. to no avail. I also tried the Dell Support site but cannot figure it out. If you can help I need simple instructions if possible as I only use the computer for emails and to google. Thanks very much. If it matters I have Windows 7 and a fairly new Dell computer.

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How is the printer connected to your computer? Wireless or USB connection?

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I thought problem was solved as all of a sudden it started printing while I in another room?? Didn't use for a few days now when I try to print - just blank pages are printing. Printer is Dell V515w. When I hit print on the computer it indicates Dell V310 Series USB - which is highlighted. Under that Dell V310 - V510 Series.I hit print - then just blanks. I apologize again for my lack of knowledge. Thank you.

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See if setting the Dell V515w to default helps, to do that see link provided.

Here is a link that might be useful: Default printer

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Zev, Didn't work.

When the print screen comes up - says printer is ready - hit print and nothing.

It's as if there is no connection.

If I hit start on the printer - it prints a blank page.

Thanks again - I appreciate your help.

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I think I might try re-installing the printer and see if that fixes the problem. Did you recheck all your connections to make sure that they are secure? Since I don't have a Dell printer, I cannot give you the steps to follow, but you should have a set-up folder or something similar that gives you the step by step directions. Sometimes the software gets corrupted and the best thing is a new install.

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