Save Room For Dessert

maximavswifeDecember 12, 2011

I feel like we are on the downhill slide with Christmas getting nearer and nearer. I have been feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed this holiday season.

Has not helped that my younger brother has checked out of any assist with our elderly father. I am now solely responsible for dad. He is in a nursing home now. He had surgery a year ago and lost all muscle memory from the waist down. He has been doing okay at the home. He is the chairman of the welcoming committee and everyone seems to love him there form staff to other residents. My brother and I were trading off visiting since I work full time and he does not work at all, but, he has now decided he is much too busy...his life is too full of drama...he is too stressed out. OY! Family!

Anyway! We all know what helps to distract us when life throws us curve balls right? I changed out the dining table again. I went with red and white which feels out of character for me but I love the results.

So, did you save room for dessert?


Here is a link that might be useful: More pictures here

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Okay, I'll be right over.
What are you serving??

This is so pretty!
I love the red and white, which is why I used it mostly on my Candy Cane Table.
Great job stacking the CP!
I'm loving the white tree in the background corner too!

Sorry to hear your brother is wimping out on you. We sure don't need any more stress this time of year.
Hang in there and take time to enjoy the season. Just do one thing at a time and it all eventually gets done.

Beautiful and very cheery table.


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Thanks for the bolstering words Candy. I always try to stay positive but's hard :)
You are welcome to come enjoy Sour Cream Raisin Pie (DH's grandmother's recipe), rhubarb pie, mincemeat tarts, lemon tarts, and various cookies.
I have pictures on the camera of the tree you see in the background but need to upload them to my computer. We do 2 trees, the white tree is mine to decorate and the green tree in the family room is DH's to decorate. I go contemporary, he goes traditional :)I will get them uploaded before Christmas and share them, I promise :)

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Love this R&W table! Those 'ribbon-y' plates are very festive for the season along w/the pretty red chargers! Nice placesettings & flatware on your bkgrd of 'white!' & the Irish mugs, so lovely!

But your centerpc is what creates the BLING on this t'scape! Wow! Your snowflake plates & adding all that red mercury glass ...along w/the small red ornies...ummmm, perfection! Candlelight, too. I'm glad you saved me a seat! Thanks, maxi! Jeanne s.

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Marlene Kindred

LOVE the plates, etc. Such an inviting table! Red is my favorite color so this one really calls to me! Sorry to hear about all of the issues you've had with your Dad and sorry that your brother has decided he's too busy to help out....been in your position since my mom is in a nursing home. My brother will do whatever I ask him to do, but volunteering isn't his strong point. It does get VERY tiring. Hang in there! Glad your Dad is doing well at the home, that is certainly a plus.

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Kathe, shame on your bro but sounds like your dad is happy there. Glad to hear you haven't let him totally drag you down.

Pretty red and white table. Looks like your angel is watching over your table and you, I hope. Love that shot! What a pretty tree. Will be looking forward to some closeups.

What a neat set of plates and the cups are a wonderful shape and pattern. The red cp and candle holders are so pretty. All the red balls scattered are just cute and look great in your Candy shot.


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I really like the red and white! Its such a great combo and I think one that's just very appealing in decor.

I too am really sorry your brother is behaving that way, its totally unfair to you. Not to mention your Dad. I am glad to hear how well your Dad is doing in the nursing home, and it sounds like he has a great personality! Obviously you inherited those genes instead of your brother! Family isn't always what we hope they'd be! (my oldest son has no use for me and sometimes its hard to deal with.)

hugs and hang in there,

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Very pretty, love red/white anytime and your plates and mugs are such a pretty design. Glad you took time to do a little something fun to make yourself feel better--men just don't always understand the support and caregiving--let's pray that your brother has a change of heart and accepts his responsibility as part of the family too. Glad your Dad is keeping a positive attitude and making new friends. The golden years just aren't always so golden and we sometimes have to search really hard to find a level of contentment in spite of all the bad stuff. Hang in there--and save a spot at that pretty table for me too! Luvs

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