So are we all sick???

raforDecember 19, 2011

At the end of last week I decided I was done decorating and only had the clean-up left and the extra stuff to put away. My last project was the simple, real garland on the stairs so I did that Saturday. But wait, I want to use this somewhere and I want to have that on display. So I end up adding more and tweaking things!!! So much for being done :)

Christmas tree in the den (where we watch TV) was done 2 weeks ago, but I just added the Santa x-stitch pic to the door of the cabinet the tree is sitting on. Love that picture!

I love the 12 Days of Christmas and I'm a sucker for anything with that theme. So though the garland on the wall unit was done 2 weeks ago, today I added my latest 12 doc ornies (just card stock on a ribbon):

The bedroom was looking a little bare of Christmas, so I hung some ornaments on the fireplace screen:

The very simple garland (I have to leave the railing clear for my elderly parents). Please ignore the interrupted painting in progress!:

Upstairs hall garland :

Cute Christmas tree chalk board I just bought this weekend and then had to find a place for it:

Okay other than making some white felt stockings, I promise promise promise, I am DONE!!!!

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Cool Decorating! The Santa Stitching is very pretty, and I just got that same red star you have hanging above the stairs!


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I want that big star! Where did you find it? You've done a really good job and how thoughtful of you to consider the elderly when they use the stairs. I don't consider myself elderly just yet (close though!) but I'm clumsy and I could easily fall down the stairs. lol.

I'm going to look for decorations on sale after Christmas. I thought I had way too many but ended up using them all! I especially like ornaments hung in a row.

Good job!

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oakleyok: I just got that star at Marshall's last week. They come flat and you open them up and pull the string to keep them open. The good thing is when you want to store them, you can close them up again. Simple decoration. They were 3 or 4 dollars. I bought several in different colors.

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Your additions to your 'finished' decorating are so cool and really add to your overall look. If it is an illness I would much rather have it than some bad addiction. I tend to tweak, add and change right up until I am packing it away for the next year - lol Now that I am on Pinterest it will be even worse - I see an idea and know I have the 'stuff' and put something together and then need to find a place for it. I can't tell you how many mason jar candles and cone trees I have come up with - some are gifts tho so that helps get them at least out of the house. Just remember we are 'Enablers' - we are never done :D .....


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It all looks so fabulous! The cross-stitch picture is wonderful, and I think I need to make one of those chalkboard trees. The fact that I have absolutely no place to put it should be a deterrent, but NOPE!! I need it, I want it, I have to have it! is my philosophy! LOL

I love the real garland. Another option is to tie swags to the upright balusters. They are below the handrail so would not interfere with your parents hanging on to the handrail. Just a thought, I love what you already did!

I'm thinking I also need a scrabble game!
Yes, I'm feeling sick and in need of a couple of items to make me feel better, however, I don't think as long as I'm on here, there will ever be a cure! LOL

TFS, I think??


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Enjoyed all your pictures of your Christmas decor. Did you make your Santa x-stitch picture? It's beautiful. I tried that once but failed!LOL

Your new calkboard Christmas tree is pretty neat. I've never seen one before.Nice The 12 Days of Christmas always calls to me too. Love that pitcher. Is it old?

Love that you have elderly parents to share your Holidays with and your so considerate of them. Thanks for sharing.


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Lovely additions! Really admire anyone who can do those beautiful cross stitch pictures like yours. The chalkboard tree is great. Need to add that idea to my never ending to do list! It's all looking very pretty. TFS. Luvs

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"The fact that I have absolutely no place to put it should be a deterrent, but NOPE!! I need it, I want it, I have to have it! is my philosophy!"
I think Candy just described the whole (sick) lot of us!

Rafor, that cross-stitch is wonderful. I love all the ones you did for that matter. I like the ornies hanging in the fireplace (HOW did you hang them? I saw that in a photo on the web once and really liked the idea).
The card stock on ribbon ornaments are so neat, and very pretty! Another idea for my Too Long to Do List. (right there with you, Luvs!)

Everything looks so pretty. I don't think we ever stop tweaking and adding more! I was thinking, maybe if I got started next JULY, I might actually get done with all the Christmas decor I want to do! (I told Mr O that when the old gal next door has to sell her house, she's 91, I need to buy it. He wasn't impressed, so guess he's not going to buy lottery tickets and try to get it for me someday. LOL)

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for all the nice comments and for also agreeing with the fact that there is nothing at all wrong with our kind of "sickness"!!!!

Karen: See the metal "drape" that pulls across the front of the fireplace screen? It's open in the picture and the ornies are hung by hooks on the track that the drape runs along on the inside of the fireplace screen. Hope that makes sense.

phonegirl: yes I made that picture. I can't stand to just sit and watch TV, so I have to have something to do with my hands while I listen to TV. Used to do lots of x-stitch but now am often on the computer while I listen to TV. But I did just start an other elaborate Santa pic and it will show up in next year's decorations :) There are other Santa pictures in my earlier post.

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Everything is really pretty. You have been very busy.

I know what you mean about keeping busy while you listen to the television. I do the same thing. If I don't keep busy with something, I fall asleep. I have learned to tape every show I want to watch.

Happy Holidays!


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