Remember the Old SILVER Christmas Trees?

jeannespinesDecember 17, 2011

Remember the old Silver Christmas trees? Well, my in-laws had one they decorated every yr's our oldest DD in 1968 helping her Gr'pa:

That silver tree went to another person but we got the old 'color wheel' at DH's parents estate sale nearly 20 yrs ago. I found a silver tree many yrs ago thru a catalog (reproduction)...& have been decorating it for about 10 yrs now:

I changed the color photo to a B&W & like that pic alot! The tree is downstairs in our family room...& I use glass tear-drop ornies on it I've found the last few yrs:

And here's some very old Nativity pcs that were DH's parents...some are plastic...some are plaster paris...the triangular thingy I bought at a GS many yrs ago (I think it's a flower pot or something??? ...anyway, looked like a manger possibility to me!

And here's another Nativity set that I have in the LR on end's from Mexico...gifted from my parents many yrs ago when they were Winter Texans ...white & gold & I set them on a pretty crystal plate trimmed w/gold...along w/the old Angel candles & some special old Christmas pics:

Remembering the 'Reason for the Season' & wishing you a Merry Christmas! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, The picture of your DD helping her grampa is darling!
I love your tree and the pretty crystal ornaments. I love the black and white shot.
My Mom had one with fusha[?] ornaments she didn't have the color wheel though.
The triangular thingie makes a great manger for your Dear inlaws nativity.
The one from your parents is very pretty. I've never seen one like it.
I gave each of my kids a nativity when they went out on their own.

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I still set up my mother's aluminum tree she got in the 60's - the color wheel is long gone but the tree is in excellent shape. This is mine from last year. Mom built the plaster of paris base and had old iron figurines in a snow scene



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My mom had one in the basement, and she decorated it with pink glass ornaments! We got rid of it when we sold her house!
I love what you did with yours, J! Your Nativity is beautiful!

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Thank you lynne & nana!

nana...what a wonderful gift you gave your children as they left home! My folks loved to go to Mexico & did some volunteer work there at Christmas in schools & orphanages. Anyway, they loved to 'shop!' & they gave different sets of Nativities to the us kids & gr'kids over a period of their retirement yrs. I actually have 3 sets now (from them)...Dollbaby's set that remind you of Precious Moments children.

lynne...your Mom's tree is gorgeous! I like how you decorated it & that the base is still there! Brings back lots of memories for you, I am sure! I also saw your ceramic lit up Christmas tree in your album pics on another thread! Slinkey jane made this same tree, too! (back in the the day.) This is a pic of mine I shared on another post:

Yup, we chuckle over Mr/Mrs. (plastic) Santa ... our kids all want them left in the 'will' to one of them! LOL! That's the only thing they've asked for in the will! Funny how the memories are worth more than the $$$! Merry Christmas! Jeanne S.

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Wow those silver (we called them aluminum) trees sure do bring back memories. I can remember when practically everyone on our block had one!

Lynne and Jean, I love, love, love what you've done with yours!

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I love to find one to buy!

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Jeanne, I remember when I was young,we had an aluminum tree too. But I don't think we had the color wheel. Wonderful photo of your DD helping. And your parents gifting the Nativities to you and your kids! What special memories. I think that triangular thing makes a terrific manger!

I wanted a silver tinsel tree half a dozen years ago, and my DD got me a little pre-lit 3 ft one (have my blue and purple ornies on it this year, on a table in the living-room). Its not one of those neat old vintage ones, but I still like it. I showed it last week I think.

Lynne, your Mom's tree is displayed beautifully! That base is awesome!

hugs, Karen

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We had one of those trees in our office back in the 60's.
It was the 'In' thing !! lol
I remember when they became a hazard because people were getting shocked if they had lights on them. That's when the color wheel came out.
That pic of your DD and her GD is so cute...such nice memories. You're so right about memories worth more than $$ !

Lynne...your DM's tree looks lovely. I remember when you showed it last year..loved it then - and still do!!


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Lovely, lovely, lovely! The crystal ornaments on the silver tree are elegant. What a wonderful re-interpretation of a *vintage* tree. Breaths new life into it! Love the Nativities.

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I have the one my parents had...
Mother used blue lights and ornaments.
Don't ever remember getting shocked, but
I know some did.

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Those trees are so cool! I want one someday :)


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Posieh, I think you can still buy them online. That tree was the last one we had when us kids were still home. I used to love watching the tree change colors with the wheel.

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What a great photo and great memory!
The black/white picture looks super too!
We always had a live tree, but many friends had those silver trees when they were popular. I love the idea of a real tree, but mine are up way too long to have a live tree.

Lynne, your Mom's tree also looks wonderful.
The nativity looks like it was made to fit into your "stable!"


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Nona, (my garden junk friend) its so nice to see you post here! And how wonderful to still have your parents' tree!
I know you have a lot neat stuff OUTside, but I'm betting you have the same inside too. Wish you could post pictures but I'll settle for your descriptions ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Thank you for posting about the silver Christmas tree. I have very fond memories of my Nana and Grandpa's silver Christmas tree with blue balls hung on them and the color wheel. I have a picture of my grandmother in a very pretty red dress with the mink stole my grandfather gave her for Christmas sitting next to the silver tree with blue balls. When my grandfather passed I took a box of the blue balls with me. My tree is decorated red and white, but I always hang one blue ball to honor my grandparents. It sticks out and I love it! Good times.

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LRy511...thanks for commenting & I LOVE that you hang one blue ball for your gr'parents! Sweet idea!

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your comments! Here's a color pic of that nativity set from a couple yrs ago (under the silver tree):

Enjoy your memories of Christmas past! Jeanne S.

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LR, I loved the story of your grandparents at Christmas, and you hanging the single blue ball in their honor. So sweet and heartwarming.

hugs, Karen

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