Anyone have or familiar with this type of shower

chloenkittyAugust 7, 2014

In our build, my husband really wants an all glass shower. We told our builder this from the beginning and went in the bathroom the other day and it was not like this at all. He proceeded to say how expensive all glass like this would be, like $5,000. I don't know if that's true or he just doesn't want to do it. Does anyone have or know someone with all glass like this? Our tub set up will be similar to pic as well. If anyone is aware of cost or a good place online, please let me know. Thanks a bunch

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Online will not work with a set-up like that as that is all custom. You need to have that installed by a local glass shop who knows what they are doing and 5k would seem to be about the correct area without getting into the particulars such as exact size, glass thickness and type, hardware finnishes, etc.

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Seven years ago, I paid $1200 for a Starphire glass door (just the door and hardware), so I cannot imagine a setup like that being done for anything less than $5,000.

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Your location may factor into the pricing as well as glass size, regular or low-iron, texture, thickness and hardware, but yes, $5000 for this doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility. If I were you I would try contacting some glass companies with some dimensions and see if you can get a better idea of costs.

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Shop around at glass shops.

Prices could be $2k, $3k, and yup even up to $5k. Depends on the thickness of glass as well as any glass treatments that you choose.

But that design is easy to replicate.

It's best to have the glass crew come on site EARLY and you can explain what you want. Then they can tell you what you need (blocking, etc) so the installation can be properly done.

The tub and tile work will be done first, then the glass crew will come in to measure the glass for fabrication and installation.

Your tub deck will have to be built like a shower, with a waterproof membrane underneath the tile. You don't want them driving screws through your membrane. Leaks, etc. That's where glass can be embedded in a channel, or in a bed of silicon. Different strokes.

Again, add blocking now. Backing studs for wall brackets, etc.

And think through the waterproofing for the tub deck. Pitch the tub deck for drainage back into the shower.

There is nothing outlandish about what you want. The details just need to be properly executed. And there's nothing tricky about those details. If your GC feels overwhelmed, then consider bringing in your own sub.

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