Skirted toilets - more prone to clogs?

smaloneyAugust 6, 2012

I mostly frequent the GW kitchens forum but find myself suddenly in need of replacing a toilet. I have read enough to be totally confused, as it seems a lot of models have huge fans and equally vehement detractors. I have 2 tall boys so avoiding clogs and cleanliness are my top two priorities. I'm trying to choose among Toto models although the fancy pants hardware store nearby just tried to sell my on some very pretty Porcher toilets that are just too rich for my blood.

After pouring thru the internet I really wanted a one-piece skirted model and was looking at the Carlyle or Soiree or even Nexus (having read a deadly review of the Guinevere here.) But the working-man plumbing store I just visited steered me away from anything skirted on the grounds that they are more likely to clog. I hadn't read that here or elsewhere and the fancy store didn't seem to agree. But I wonder what the wise people of Gardenweb have to say? Can anyone steer me toward a good, easy to clean model that will see a lot of boy abuse? Thank you!

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We were very nervous going from our old 5 gal never-clogged toilets, to 1.6 gal flush toilets (got our Soirees before they dropped the capacity to 1.28 gal), but knock on wood, they've been great. I think the guy might have been feeding you a line....

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Well, the working man plumbing store doesn't carry Toto, so of course they will steer you away. We bought the Toto Soiree about 2 years ago, the 1.6 model. We haven't had a single clog since it was installed, and that is totally amazing. I cannot see how a skirted model could possibly be "more prone to clogs," as the skirting is simply decorative and the innards are just like any other toilet - but better in Totos.

We're now adding on to the house and will buy the Eco Soiree (1.28) for the master and the Eco Drake (non-skirted 1.28) for the guest bath. Do be aware that the Soiree is ADA height, which actually might be a good thing for your boys. The double cyclone flush and sanagloss are really good on the Soiree. If you want a forum just about toilets (strong bias toward Toto) try the Terry Love forum. And good luck finding a good price on the Soiree, we bought a floor model which saved us a lot.

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Thank you both! I started calling around to try to find a Soiree in my vicinity and ran into another obstacle: evidently the specs call for 8 inches offset for the supply line. My current setup only has 6". The Terry Love forum seems to suggest that this may still be viable, but I'm not prepared to take a chance since I need something that works in time for houseguests this weekend. I will probably just use the Ultramax that the plumber can easily get and install. I have to do some work on both our bathrooms this fall, so I can always move the Ultramax to our second bathroom if I find a plumber who is capable of finagling one of the skirted Totos into the space. I really do like the skirting much better.

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I have a Jacuzzi Prestige and haven't had a single problem with flushing in two years of use. It's a 1.28-gallong, elongated, ADA-height toilet with concealed trap. My set up is a little tight with the supply line, as you can see with the picture below, but my contractor had no problems hooking everything up.

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