Strange burner behavior on new out of box cc

kurtzicusJuly 25, 2012

So, check out this. I suspect I'm being a moron and installed some grate or something backwards?? Or I just can't turn a knob properly.

I'm getting very intermittent burner performance on all burners (and one that won't stop clicking). A very very good licensed plumber did the install, but the behavior leads me to believe there is something with the gas pressure or air/mixing.

This normal? I put a call into capital and they are looking into it.

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New stove and new installation? Or replacing old gas stove?
Looks like not getting enough gas.
What happens when all or even half of the burners burners are left on?

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The color looks good, so I would not call it an air mix problem.

Not familiar with that stove, does 'Lite' exist next to 'High'?

The fact that you are smelling gas means that it is not being burned. Let that go long enough with flame in the middle and it WILL burn. And rather quickly.

Propane or NG? and are the correct jets installed?

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New stove and new install. Could be not enough gas, but why would it happen with only one burner on at a time?

Perhaps an air mix issue.

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You had a professional plumber install the unit - good for you, you can feel certain the plumbing is correct. Now you need a professional appliance repairman to set the range up. You can DIY or hire a professional.

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I have a CC too and this happened to me one burner after a couple of months. And this was after I had done all the adjustments. I'm running on propane and it happened right after the weather got really cold. So it could be not enough gas. Make sure your main valves are on all the way. Of course this assumes the right diameter pipe was used in the first place.

I made it go away by recalibrating the air shutter and simmer on that burner. I know it can be frustrating out of the box. But it's possible that things got out of whack during shipping. I will say that my range did need little adjustments out of the box to work well in my environment. Go to Eurostove's website and check Trevor's videos on shutter adjustment and simmer adjustment.

This is the kind of thing that I wish Capital had "White Glove" service for.

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Hey jscout, rat,

So I've had just a rough 'ol time with the CC and I'm asking the question why everyone goes through the hassle of configuring and adjusting and why the thing just can't work?

I second the idea of a white glove service. Here's where I am: I spoke with capital about the burner that wouldn't stop clicking and the behavior in general to see if I was doing something wrong. I also spoke with Trevor at Eurostoves where I bought it (he has been really helpful by the way on other issues), but no resolution yet.

Capital sent Vesco appliance here in the Boston area out to adjust, and I believe they made adjustments to the air shudders. This has resulted in the one clicking burner no longer clicking, but now I have:

1: One burner that doesn't light easily and occasionally lights in a fireball after 5-10 seconds of clicking, even with a pot on it
2: One other burner that has started clicking all the time after a week or so of using it regularly
3: One to two other burners that click whenever they're on simmer
4: And pretty much no burners that can simmer a darn thing

The fireball slightly annoying as it means the appliance really borders a safety issue for me. It's intermittent, so hard to make a call on. In general, pretty frustrated about the CC and all its configuring, and I had a massive pot of sauce and another of soup on yesterday and couldn�t get either to simmer without a good full boil.

Now, where I'm at regarding the Culinarian is why bother? I've use a Wolf range and Thermador in the past (both closed burners yes), but honestly the reliability trumps the usability any day of the week. I mean come on, this is a brand new range out of the box and it takes multiple appliance service trips to get it working?

Is it too harsh to be frustrated?

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Are you on NG or LP? I don't think I saw it answered above. I'm running on LP. I just re-watched your video and I noticed that the clicking pattern on one burner sounded different. I think I heard it go to "click, click, pause, click, click, pause..." Does it still do that? Mine just does a steady click all the time. Some click at a slightly quicker pace, but they're all steady.

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Looks like you have two main problems. First, on some burners the flame is not transferred to the outer rings. Second, you have a couple of ports that are not lighting. Correct?

For the first problem, pull off the burner head and look from underneath and look for the slit between one port in the inner ring and another port in the outer ring. If you look at a light through the slit, the slit should be contiguous. If there are places where the slit was not cut all the way through, you can take a thin knife and run it through to make sure it is open the whole way.

For the other problem, also pull off the burner cap and look at the ports that aren't lighting to see if they are smaller than the other ports or completely sealed. Chances are, they are just not all the way open. Find a nail (probably a 1 penny would be good) and insert it into the unlit port while the flame is off of course. Twist and move the nail around to enlarge the port to the same diameter as the other ports.

I'm suggesting these as things to try for a quick fix. IMHO, there's no excuse for them shipping burners that haven't been fully tested. If when you pull the burner caps off, you find any fuzzy (probably pink) material, then it's possibly insulation that got into the line during installation. Given that the flame level looks good and it does not look like you have a major obstruction, I would doubt it's due to loose insulation or debris in the system.

Good luck.

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Hey Kurtzicus -- honestly I agree it is reasonable for you to be "annoyed" and frustrated and then some.

I hope amcook's suggestions work. Please let us know!

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So, good news and bad news.

Good news is that Trevor from Eurostoves came out last night and went through the thing with a fine toothed comb. I think it's safe to say that the appliance repair shop that came out made it worse rather than better.

He went through a real on-site adjustment process with knowledge of the CC and things are a lot lot better.

Basically he did the simple stuff: air shudders and simmer adjustments and just a bit of bending some of the ignitors away from the cast iron to get a better spark/spacing. The burner behavior and lighting is now a lot better.

I had one burner that would take 5-10 seconds to light and when it did make a big fireball. That is no longer the case.

The bad news:
1. The appliance repair folks made it worse not better after their first visit, so be warned.

2. Capital's support was OK, but really mediocre at best. I put a few calls into them and it took over a week to get a repair person out, who adjusted things poorly, and then another couple of calls and they sent me instructions to mess with the air shudders and simmer adjustments in a PDF....just a general pain in the butt for an $8k appliance. But you know, I don't think they're appealing to the general consumer with the thing, but more people who want serious cooking at a bit of this I'm OK with.

The really good news is I like cooking on it a lot more now that it's working properly, and buying from Eurostoves is a real win.

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Glad to hear you have a satisfactory resolution to your issue. Happy cooking.

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>>and buying from Eurostoves is a real win.

trevors after sale support is the benchmark all other vendors should aim to emulate.

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no kidding!

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Yes, it is wise to buy from someone like Trevor who understands the CC. It can be a real benefit when setting up the appliance and later if problems arise.

It is better than living next door to the factory.


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