Unsure about siding - have pics of dark grey?

girlonafarmJune 21, 2010

After a three week wait our siding arrived on Friday. The contractors started putting it up today and it is darker and less blue than I had anticipated. We chose Mastic Deep Granite 4 1/2" Double Lap and the siding is beautiful, I am just a little worried about it making the house look to dark. When choosing colors I used the Mastic design feature on their website and the siding appeared to be more of grey/blue color. The siding does at times have a blue hue, but it is more grey than I had anticipated. Anyone have a dark grey house or have pictures of one? I'd like to just see some pics to at least get an idea of what the finished house will look like. We have a black tin roof and white trim/windows. Has this happened to anyone else? Do I have reason to be worried??

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I love a dark grey house and if you have bright white trim you should be fine! The black roof is in keeping also so I wouldn't worry :)

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It's a light grey/blueish hue, but it's food for thought. Good luck.

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srercrcr, is this your house? It's beautiful. I LOVE all the trim around the doors and windows! The grey/white color scheme looks great and our grey is growing on me as well. Thanks for the pic.

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We're also planning on doing dark gray with white, but we haven't broken ground yet. I have some 3D renderings that we like the look of, so maybe they will help?

I know it's just a rendering and so the color might be off enough to not really be helpful but I figured I'd try.

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Brickton, that is very similar to the color of our siding and I think it looks great. My reservations are gone about it now and I'm in love with it. I just needed some adjustment time to get my mental picture adjusted to what the real color was going to be.

Thanks for posting the pics of your house. I love the white trim!

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You'll find yourself doing this a lot throughout the process! I love the dark grey

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Our new house is timberbark hardi-- not grey but definitely a dark color. I was worried too but we have lots of white trim & I think that the contrast looks great.

It is still a work in progress but hopefully you can get an idea of how the finished product may look.

Good Luck in your decision.

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We have the gray shingle/white trim going on as well. These aren't the most current pics, but you can get the idea. Ours looks a little on the blue side, which we didn't want, but it still looks ok to us.

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Very nice indeed.

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One of my favorite houses is maybe more of a navy blue I guess. I'm trying to post the link here. I love the the navy or dark grey color scheme.

Here is a link that might be useful: KyleHuntPartners

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girlonafarm I know this is an older post, but how did your Deep Granite siding house come out? We are torn between Deep Granite and English Wedgewood from Mastic. Do you have a picture you can post of how it came out in Deep Granite??? Thanks!!

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