Scoping out products for bathroom remodel

uv_dragonAugust 23, 2013

Hi. I'm new here (first time). I've been reading a lurking for a while trying to get a handle on things. There are a few situations where I've seen something, didn't link to it at the time and can't seem to find it again (even with Google search). If I should be doing this differently, please let me know.

We are planning a bath remodel. We are planning on using Hardi board because we can't find any of the other products mentioned on this site locally (DFW, TX area). Any idea how to find the other products?

If we stick with Hardi board, are there any caveats on the fasteners?

Also, the floor is uneven. I had seen a post in the past about some sort of rubber like thing to lay out to help this. I was thinking it would be just a touch softer than hard concrete under the feet so I was interested, but I can't find the post again. Does anyone know what that product was?



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