Is this safe? Need SS# for online quote.

Pooh BearMarch 9, 2012

Just out of curiosity I thought I would try one of those

insurance companies that I constantly see advertised on TV.

All I wanted to do is get a quote and see how it compares to

my current provider. I won't switch. I am just wondering.

I went to the insurance company website. To get a quote

the site ( wants my social security number.

Is it safe to give it to them?


Pooh Bear

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I wouldn't give them mine. I won't give it to anyone if I can't see a valid reason for them needing it. I don't see why they would need it for an insurance quote.

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Not me.

I only provide my SSN on-line for the SSA and my free credit reports. I access one of them through the FTC website every four months.

Other than that...........nope.

Call them. If they want your business they will interview you on the telephone.


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Pooh Bear

They claim it's for a credit check.
I'm not giving it to them.


Pooh Bear

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

NO never would I give any one my SSnumber like that.

I would have to do some serious investigations before I ever gave any one my SSnumber

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Bank teller ask me for ss number.. I said thats supposed to be a secret, so I purposely forgot my ss number many years ago. The girls there all giggled that I had forgotten it. & that was it. Po problem.

I had progressive insurance. It was good but to get the best price you really need an agent quote I think. They seem to know the right Q&A's so the make the sale.

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They can run a credit check without a SS#. Sheesh.

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It's pretty common for insurance companies to run a credit check, that's what they want your social security number.

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