Xedos & others - Any Idea What This Could Be?

rococogurlJuly 3, 2014

Yesterday we had an electrical storm. They are not uncommon and usually we lose power, the backup generator comes on and when power's restored it turns itself off and the appliances and all come back up.

But yesterday, we lost partial power, only in the kitchen & my home office (former dining room). The backup genny didn't activate at all.

When I investigated there was a sort of burning plastic smell near the oven. The electrician came right over and got everything back up -- except the oven, an 8 y.o. Miele which has never had a single issue.

Electrician says there is power to the oven circuit in the box.

So question is: why didn't the oven go back on?

Miele will send a tech in 2 weeks -- no harm since it's too hot to use the oven anyway. Electrician will be on standby in case it's wiring to the back of the oven that went bad -- but he thinks the oven got fried.

The odd thing is that this oven survived a break in our main power line to the house -- the fridge controller board got fried in that one as did the microwave. But this time the microwave went right back on.

The clock does not light and the oven doesn't operate.
Hoping it can be repaired and a replacement won't be necessary since there isn't really a great solution these days.

Wondering what it might possibly be?

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Most likely the surge blew the main board in the oven.

If you give me the model number, I will see if I can find the board for it, (you might want a plan "B") if you don't like Miele's price on the part.

You might want to try one of the web-sites like Fixya and see if anybody had a similar problem and what the fix for it was.

If you had not smelled that plastic smell it might have just blown a fuse but I doubt you be so lucky with the plastic smell.

Sometimes there are surge protectors built into appliances, they are designed to "Short" surges to ground, and sometimes they actually blow, (well instead of just shorting out the surges, they short out all the electricity) and they can smell when they go, and good news is they are cheap!!!!

I would have an electrician install a drop out relay on the power line to the oven.
What that does is if the power goes out the relay "drops out", and no power will be available to the oven till you reset the relay.

Electronics do not like power going off and then right back on again, or power that is not up to full voltage. Since you have a "back up generator", one gets the idea that power failures are not that rare in your abode!

Sorry bout your bad luck, and I shall not make any
"M" remarks, (LOL).

I hope you can get it repaired in an economical fashion!


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Try opening up the oven and taking a look at the board. Often there are visible signs of damage and I would assume that would be the case here since you smelled burning.

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Do you have a whole house surge protector? if not, think about getting one installed.

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That's a lovely offer Gary and I'll take you up on it. I never mind paying less LOL. The model # is H4880 B, purchased/installed at the end of 2006. Will ask about the delay.

We have a whole-house surge protector in the main panel, weedmeister. That was put in after the main power line to the house broke in 07.

I don't take appliances apart because I wouldn't know what I was looking at if I did. Just not in my skill set. The Miele techs bring a diagnostic computer with them and know their product. I don't love paying those $20 every 15 minutes rates but the oven has been flawless and this isn't a functional problem.

Electrician says he can be on standby that day in case it's the line from the box to the oven --- he's terrific and can run a new one. But he doesn't know the oven and a special cart is needed to slide it out and brace it properly, which the Miele tech will have.

Never lived in any house in my life where there were this many continuing electrical incidents/issues. But power outages are a fact of life around here during weather events. All our neighbors have generators because our road is not heavily populated and we're usually one of the last to get the power back if there's a widespread outage.

I know electronics don't like that. We don't have gas or I would have done a a-g Lacanche. Wish the needs of the electronics were better matched to our power grid. But it's above ground and we have trees.

Going to keep fingers crossed that this is a fixable vs fried situation. I adore this oven. It does anything I could want and I do not want to make a change.

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Some more details about the "Partial power failure" would be helpful, and what did the electrician do to fix that?

The reason I ask is to find out if it was indeed the oven that caused the failure of the power in the kitchen. Was the oven off, (during the power failure)?

Also don't forget to ask the Electrician and maybe even the Miele service rep about the "Advisability" of installing a drop out relay for the power to the oven.

Even a surge protector will not prevent the power from going on/off/on /off~~~~~~etc to the oven, during one of these power failures, and (More often than not), electronics
tend to go "Bye Bye" when the power comes back on.

AS it will get harder and probably more expensive to get parts for that oven
(in the future), It's probably best to "Protect it, as best you can"~~~~~Ya thinks?

I have my 2 convertibles entered in a "4th Of July Parade" today, so be back later tonight, and I will see if I can find any posts with similar problems to yours and what the fix was for it. Also I will try to find a schematic for it.


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Linked below is the service manual to your oven if it helps at all. I understand not wanting to take it apart. Good luck getting it fixed, my brother has a Miele oven that I have used, so I can testify to how great they are. It isn't the MasterChef model like yours is, but it still has great performance and all the different cooking modes.

Here is a link that might be useful: MasterChef service manual

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Thanks hvtech. Meanwhile, the service manual may help Gary. Presumably it's the controller board since the time doesn't show.

Gary, re power. I've not seen this type of outage before. Only the kitchen and my home office were affected. The rest of the house was normal. In the past, it's always been the entire house.

Electricians came and checked all 3 boxes. The oven breaker hadn't tripped at all -- I checked that immediately. The fridge breaker had tripped & that came right back on. They were also able to restore power to my office and one outlet in the basement. I was on the elliptical machine watching a TV show when the power went out. TV came right back on. It's an old TV (1995 vintage) but not affected.

In sum, the only thing still out is the oven. Electricians tell me there is power on that circuit in the box. What's not clear was what smelled right after -- but it was right near the oven door.

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" taking a look at the board. Often there are visible signs of damage and I would assume that would be the case here since you smelled burning."

That's very good advice, hvtech42.
I used to train my employees to do that!
Use your eyes, Nose and ears, before you drag out the volt meter, oscilloscope~~~~etc. In more cases than not, You will find the problem much faster by using your own "senses" rather than the test equipment.

Anyway, getting back to rococogurl's problem.

I have searched, (High & low) first for anyone that had a problem similar to yours, rococogurl, and I only found one post, think it was in fixya website, but~~~~~it was an "Unsolved Problem"~~~GRRRRRR

2nd we searched for what Miele calls "Power electronic EPL 782, (we yanks call it a main board, mother board or control board)~~~~No luck at all on that one, sorry!!!

Anyway, looking at the manual that hvtech42 gave us the
URL for, (Thanks hvtech42), it could be that "Interference suppression capacitor" has shorted out and possibly burned some wiring going to it or the main power relay for the oven. Again, unfortunately, one can not find an actual schematic or a wiring diagram for this oven,~~~ So this is a "Wag" or at best a "Swag" on my part!

But~~~~~what you should do, after the service tech diagnoses the problem,
(especially if He says the "Power electronic EPL 782) is the problem, is to examine that part yourself, after he removes it. Look at it, smell it etc.
Also see if he changes any other parts, and inspect those.

Of course the "MOST Important thing here" is make sure you have chosen and honest and reliable company to do the repairs. Has this company done work for you before?
Was the price fair and the repair done to your satisfaction.

If not, or you have not used "Authorized Miele Service" before, then check out that company, (Before they come out)~~~~~see my post, "Was it a bad appliance purchase or was it bad service", as to why this is important and how to check out these appliance repair companies.

My JA Fridge is running great, It was fixed on the first call, (for the fridge), and it cost me less than $300.00.

Your oven is still for sale on the net, (if push comes to shove) see it here,


Unfortunately they "Hide the Price", GRRRR

Anyway good luck with your upcoming service call, sorry I can not find the parts~~~~~


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Gary, thanks so much for your efforts. You've likely nailed it but we will see.

I called Miele -- I wouldn't trust this to anyone but one of their techs. (Their service call is less than Viking BTW). My electrician will be on call.

What's known is that there's power to that circuit in the box. So it's either an oven issue (probably) or an issue with the line to the oven.

Did some checking around and this oven has been discontinued. If the oven is fried and needs to be replaced I'm going with a Kenmore -- that whole oven costs as much as a high end control board. It won't make me as happy but it's the smartest move.

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Well, thanks to hvtech42, and goggling "Miele 6203395"
(what we call the mainboard) for the Miele oven), I found several sites that have this board for sale.

Miele list price appears to be just under $800, ($772) to be exact!
The lowest price I could find was $616.72.

That's the good news, the bad is, those boards "Might not" have the latest software, (older versions of the software) "Might have" the low temperature problems" and may not be worth the $200 savings.

So probably best to wait for Miele service, and hope maybe I'm right about it being that capacitor and not a fried main board.

Please keep us posted.


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Sorry I've come late to the party, I was away for the hoilday. Looks like you're in good hands though.

I concur that you've got a main board problem, and 600 - 800 bucks is typical for a miele main board whether an oven, dishwasher or fridge. FWIW, a subzero main board is pretty much the same price too.

I am curious that the board would get smoked from the generator transfer though.

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Meh... I'd honestly still replace the board. Even if it costs $1000 (and it sounds like from xedos' post that it will cost less than that) that will barely buy you even the most bare bones oven. Certainly not one that comes anywhere close to your Miele in terms of looks, features, and performance.

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I'm an oven cook. Couldn't care less about stovetop power because I will roast or grill outdoors. This oven has been fantastic, really I'm not overstating that, and I desperately want to keep it. It's never had a service call and even survived the outage when the main power line to the house failed, which fried tvs, phones, the fridge & the microwave boards and a light fixture in the mud room.

I figure $1200-1300 for a new board, service and electrician calls. Sigh. But this is not an oven issue -- it's a power issue.

One reason people buy Miele around here is that they are reputed to stand up very well to power outages. And I'm almost afraid to state this, for fear of jinxing it, but my Miele DW has survived every single incident.

What's odd is that the outage was only in 2 adjacent rooms -- the kitchen and old dining room. How does that happen? And the generator never came on.

We had another storm last night and an outage for most of the night. Routine. Fortunately, our power company is excellent. But it's hell on the appliances and my budget.

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Well checking the dates, I think it's getting close to finding out, "Is the oven still "Baroque"?

Curious as a retired electronic engineer as to what actually happened in your "Sky Lit Abode"


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How come a Miele tech takes 2 weeks to look at a problem? Unfortinately typical and when he comes, the necessary part won't be available. They've got nice stuff but no reasonable service or longer term parts supply.

Weed, can you refer us to a whole house surge protector?. My electric company says they don't exist. I have a huge problem with lack of good grounds.

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Tomorrow is D-oven Day. I shall report with pix if possible. When they call to give me the window of time for the call, I will request a controller board. but the way these set up ime they diagnose, estimate, leave, order part, return and repair. Why I said I could replace with a Kenmore for what it could cost to repair this unless I am very lucky.

Whole house surge protector helps. But lightning is freaky when it can cause an outage only in 2 rooms. No full defense in these cases.

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Miele tech just called with my 2 hour window. Right on time. He says he has control board, relay and another part on the truck. Fingers crossed this will be a single service call. Update this p.m.

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I hope the other part is that capacitor I mentioned.

Be sure to inspect , (both visually and olfactory "smell") any parts that He replaces!

Could you give us the name of the Miele Service Company or at least what city they are in?


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It was the main board, the cheaper of the 2 ($560) control board was fine. He brought it with as you folk had prepped me for the dispatcher. They waranty the repair for 90 days and should anything go wrong they don't charge for the return visit.

Repair took about 30 mins. Tech really knew what he was doing.

I just called in Miele tech support and they sent one of their techs. He's worked for them for 7 years.

This service experience has been 5 star from the first call to the end. Glad to have my oven back and hoping I wont have this issue ever again.

Thanks to all for help and support. And thanks for the great toast Gary. 8 more trouble free years indeed!

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Well glad to hear your oven is back in business!

Like I've been saying, "It's the service that really counts", as far as appliances go, (Paraphrasing).

Nice that you had a "Good connection" for good service there, as I goggled reviews on some of the companies Miele recommended in the New York area~~~~YIPES!

They did not look much better than 2 of the 3 that Jenn-Air recommended to me in Calif.

Here's to another "Eight Years of Miele Oven Happiness"!!!


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gurl - glad to see you're heating up again, and saved $ 40 !

moebus -your elect. co. is ignorant. Whole house surge units exist, there's even one that mounts to their meter itself , in the socket.

NOW, whether they work or not is a highly debated topic. I've heard both camps and come to the conclusion that it's as much voodoo as science, and depends on your specific electric system.

What doesn't seem to be debated is the benefit of a good grounding system . I am not talking about the rod the sparky drives into the ground or the connector he bonds to your water pipe that satisfies the inspector. We are talking about multiple ground rods connected together spread around your house.

Lightning strikes , especially those really close by seem to defeat almost any measures to safeguard electronics in a residence.

FWIW, We have surge suppressors on our meter box and in each sub panel. In addition , most computers have a dedicated surge outlet as do the stereo and video equipment closets. Fridges have a surge outlet too. We have also upgraded the grounding system , but only three rods I think, ran outa $$$ to give the electrician for more.

Lots of redundancy there, and most are prob. a waste of $$$ , but the surge outlets were about $20 , so cheap insurance and they look cool. No failures so far.

Here is a link that might be useful: whole house surge protectors

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