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theresa2July 27, 2013

I have a new kitchenaid french door. I have an issue, of which, I'm not sure is a fixable problem. I could learn to live with it, but if it is fixable I'll get it repaired.

When I open the right door and then open the left door, the flap does not retract enough to clear the space between the two doors upon closing the left door after the right door. The flap of the left door bangs against the outside of the closed right door.

When I open the left door first, the flap retracts correctly and everything works smoothly.

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Your timing is interesting theresa2, (at least to me).
Now, why would that be?

Friday, I went to Pacific sales to check out a Jenn-air Fridge for a poster here. Unfortunately, they only had a 36"FD and not the 42"FD, said poster was interested in, but------that 36" JA FD, had exactly the same problem yours does, only worse, I could not get that flap to retract in the left door at all, so course left door did not close all the way, and of course neither would the right door as it landed on the left door flap.

I suspects Whirlpool (Kitchen aid & Jenn-air), has a problem here with this design. Maybe some folks that have "Whirlpool built FD fridges can chime in with their experiences.

I will check Fixya and other resources to see if I can find a "fix" for ya, it might take a bit, but I will get back with what I find.

In the interim, (well after the weekend), I would put a call into Kitcheaid about the problem. You may want to check their online blogs too.

Good luck with it.


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FWIW, I have a KBFS22 model of FD fridge and it does not do that.

From the description, I am assuming that this is a freestanding fridge rather than a built it. If that assumption is correct, I'm pretty sure that this problem will be one of two or three fixable things.

Point for clarification: The flap on my KA's left door is spring- loaded to snap flat against the door frame when the left door is opened. When closing the door, there is a channel at the top front of the fridge that catches the flap and opens it as the door is pushed closed. The channel is designed so that the flap slides in underneath the right side door gasket.

(a) If the flap on your KA is not snapping flat against the left-door frame as the door opens, then there is a weak or maldjusted spring mechanism. This should be covered by the one year general warranty.

(b) If the flap is snapping tight to the left side door frame but is still hitting the already closed right door when pushing the left side door to close, the first thing to check is to make sure the top hinges are properly screwed down into place. Next, use a level to make sure that the fridge is level from side to side. (If the fridge is out of level side-to side, the doors can be out of alignment.) If the top hinge screws are tight and the fridge is level from side to side, then then your fridge probably has a problem with either door alignment (installation issue) or hinge alignment (warranty issue). For door alignment, follow the instructions fo aligning the doors in the owner's manual. (Sorry, but I can't lay hands on my manual, right now., so I can't give you page numbers) If fiddling with the door alignment does not fix the problem, then you've got a hinge alignment problem and that, too, is a warranty issue to call KA warranty service about.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you JWVideo for your response.

My fridge is a freestanding one.

I believe my problem falls under your (a) description. The problem occurs only when the right door is opened prior to opening the left door. Otherwise, if the right door is closed upon opening the left door, the flap snaps back just the way it should.

I will call the retailer tomorrow to see if they can send someone to repair the flap.

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