Old Toys Christmas

ladypat1December 12, 2010

Put this together today, just for fun. A few of my old toys and some newer dishes.

Ok, I have about had enough of this old camera. I think Santa is whispering to me to go get my own present. Please share with me what cameras you all use. I just can't take closeups with this one. Suggestions are welcomed!!


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I LOVE the little tea set! I wish I still had mine, but fortunately my mom actually kept about 3 of the cups and saucers from her tea set when she was a child. I like your toys setting!

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ADORABLE. Adorable. Adorable. Just adorable!

My favs are the truck and the top.

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Very CUTE! & your pics look great! Love the toys vignette!

I really like my camera that is a few yrs old now ... it's a Sony Super Steady Shot DSC-H5...good luck camera hunting! Jeanne S.

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Can't give any camera advice, but your toys and the tea set are neat. Those santa plates are so nicely done, are they F&F? I really like the design and texture on your green plates too. Good luck on picking out a camera--you could wrap it and put it under the tree with a tag from Santa and just act surprised when you open it! LOL


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Great collection of old toys especially the old truck.
I like the vignette you created with them.
The Santa plates are really nice and I like how you
layered them with the lovely green plates.
Hope you were a good girl all year, and get your new camera from 'Santa' !!


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This is a wonderful old toy vignette. Love seeing old toys that were back in my time.lol so glad you shared this with us.

I too hope that you've been a good girl this year!


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Totally DELIGHTFUL! I love how you put things together and for that matter, just coming up with such an idea.
That first picture had me smiling right off, but I never could resist a Teddy Bear!

This cute idea needs to go in our Christmas Misc inspiration album. I just saved the photo to add it later.
hugs, Karen

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LadyPat, You did a wonderful job with your vignette.
I love the mix of old and new.
It really is delightful.

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Those are wonderful and you did a great job displaying them. That truck is super duper and I'm not usually a truck person, but the colors are darling.

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So cute, we all wish we had kept toys from our childhood, imagine what they are worth now. What a unique idea for a vignette!

I've seen many that I had, at antique malls & it makes me sick, but I'm a neat freak & tend not to keep things, so I'll never be rich off of antiques in my attic! LOL

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