Wobbly glass sliding shower doors

DesertDenizen201August 10, 2012

We just had 80" tall by 60" wide sliding glass shower doors installed. There is only 2" plastic guide in the middle. We have no side or bottom frames at all. The doors are very, very wobbly and water leaks underneath them. The installer just told us that putting chrome frames on the side walls would lead to the risk of the tempered glass shower doors breaking, if they were closed too fast or firmly. This whole installation is just unacceptable to me. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?

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No I have not, unless it is not properly installed!

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Do you know how thick the glass is - I am guessing 1/4-inch? A typical frameless sliding shower door is 70" high - if you go higher than this without moving to a 3/8" thick glass, the glass panel will have more "flex" to it, which can contribute to the wobbly feel. A single-center-guide is somewhat common, but not without a track. A sliding glass door without jambs or a bottom track is odd, and the explanation you received is about these causing glass to shatter is bogus. Yes, frameless glass doors can shatter whether they are installed with jambs or not, but it is an unusual occurrence that has little to do with the jambs themselves. Most quality doors of this nature have jambs with rubber bumpers that help prevent contact between the door and the aluminum (when the panels are installed correctly). in short - it sounds to me like an attempt to save cost on the part of the installer.

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Thanks so much for your input. I'm not set up to take pictures just now. I asked another glass installer to look at it today, and he said it was OK. With the curbless look and no frame along the bottom, it will be easier to get in and out of as we age. But it sure does leak and it sure is a lot more wobbly than I ever imagined. I guess we just have to decide where to go from here.

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There is no reason they could not put a plastic/rubber dam strip along the inside. It would only need to be a 1/4" or 3/8" in height just to come up the glass slightly to not allow water to pour out.

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