GE Monogram Double Oven third repair in 2 years!

doonieJuly 31, 2012

Ugh! I am waiting for the technician to show up for the third repair for my 2 year old GE double oven. The first time it was the cooling fans, the second time was the mother board. I've already been told this newest problem (shutting off in the middle of cooking) is different.

So, the initial oven was expensive and these repairs are adding up. I stopped using the self cleaning cycle after the first repair, as I was told by the technician that it could cause the oven to have more problems. I have used the oven only for baking and I am incredibly frustrated. There is no oven abuse going on at my house.

Does anyone have advice on how I should resolve this lemon of a problem? At this point, I am seriously considering the need to switch brands entirely. But, I need some sort of money back from the company and no I did not buy the extended warranty.

Meanwhile, I am not recommending GE products. My GE Monogram refrigerator has also required 2 repairs. Needless to say, I am less than a happy customer.

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I feel your pain. We moved into a house last October, where the combined microwave/electric oven and the cooktop were GE monogram. The ovens were old and sad. Baking or roasting was a juggling challenge to try to get evenly cooked food. The MW no longer worked, and the cooktop was pitiful.

We've replaced all of them and I'm so much happier. I wish you better luck. I hoped they would have improved by now.


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Thanks Cheryl! Do you mind telling me what you replaced the oven with? I am hoping I can get some resolution of this problem because it's hard to cook when you oven has fits of shutting off randomly like it's in a bad snit!

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Doonie - we replaced the double oven with two singles, an Electrolux Wave-Touch and a Panasonic convection MW. The Elux has a lot of good reviews on this forum, and I heartily agree. So far it's been perfect. I've baked bread, cookies, pies and roasted chickens and ham, and dehydrated about 40 lbs of apricots. I also used it to season several carbon steel pans. Everything has been done perfectly. The Panasonic is fine, but I've only done a few things in it so far to test how fast it microwaves and how the convection and combination cooking work. So far so good.

I didn't want a combined oven. So many people have complained about having to replace the whole unit when one of the two failed. I'm not too concerned about having everything match, I'd rather have good function and value, but you may not agree.

BTW lots of people love GE including a good friend of mine, so you may just have a lemon. Aren't you covered by lemon laws?


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We've had the single Electrolux Icon oven for > 6 years now.
It bakes great, both fans, convection and cooling, are VERY Quiet, and it has been trouble free. So is it's "Matching Speed Oven" which sees a ton of use, a lot of Microwaving with it but also Speed cooking as well as regular and convection baking.

I had my first problem with my 48 " built in & paneled Jenn-air Fridge, last Sunday.
It has digital controls and readouts, The fridge always reads 37 & the freezer "0" "F"
I opened the fridge and it read 39 & 4, I thought that strange, but wife had cleaned out the freezer so I figgers I just check it again in an hour or so. I did, now it read 40 and 8--- and I could actually hear something runnning in the fridge (That's the 1st sound I've heard out of it in 6 years)! OH OH.
I took the top off that covers the condenser and the area where the water filter is & the rest of the works for it, I had cleaned the condenser the day before.

Shortly it is at good old 37 and 0 again---hmmmm????
So I puts that top back and on and looks at it, hmmmm it's sitting funny and blocking air, turns out one of the clips on the side had got bent so the top wasn't sitting in the proper slots correctly, straightened it put the top back on and all has been well, no sounds and good old 37F and 0 F.

So I really like those digital readouts, also the fact that there is some kind of "Protection System" that senses if the area where the guts are is too hot, It then shuts the variable speed compressor to minimum speed and speeds up the condenser fan to max (It was the fan I heard).

So I hope a little of my luck runs your way, We could not be happiier with the choices we made cept for a bad choice of a conventional smooth electric cooktop----since replaced with Elux Icon Induction cooktop---We Luv It!!!!


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Well, this time it's the Blower Fan in the upper oven that is broken. So, the first time it was the fan itself in the back of the oven, even though I'd only used the self clean once, the tech recommended I not use it any more. (What use is a self cleaning oven then, I ask?) The second time it was the motherboard, which is a major electronic expense, but I was able to get it on consignment directly from GE. Now this time, it's a $331.77 repair bill for a blower fan.

Gary & Cheryl, I'm glad to hear of folks with positive appliance experience!

Anyway, I still need to get in touch with GE today during their working hours and see what I can sort out. I think my ovens were made late on a Friday afternoon!

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