Ideas for focal point outside formal dining room window?

bmh4796June 30, 2013

Our formal dining room faces the side of our neighbors house which is 10 feet away. The architect drew in a little brick courtyard with a wall fountain in it. I fell in love with this idea. The builder said that it would cost about 5-6000 to do this. I told him the fountains are always half off at my favorite nursery, so I could get one for 400. He laughed at me and and said its the wall that will cost!

So, do you have any ideas on how to incorporate a little fountain for less than 6000? You can see how the architect planned it. My only idea is to have a wall shorter than 6 feet?? But that probably won't help much

Also, lots of things have changed on the plans since this pic was taken, so try to focus on only the fountain ;)

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i was thinking of something like this

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or this is probably better since it's wider

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Can you use arborvitae to frame in the courtyard? Maybe just have a wall for the fountain?

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i suppose i could. i'll have to see if that will be ok

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Is the brick/wall and fountain something you could add after you move in so that you're not paying the contractor fee? Could save a bit.

Or do the fountain wall but not the other walls and gate. Could always add later on if you decide they are needed.

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that's a good point about the contractor fee. it's definitely something we can do later.

i thought about just putting one wall to put the fountain on, but would that look weird from the street? you'd see the side of the wall and fountain

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Annie Deighnaugh

I prefer the idea of a free-standing fountain surrounded by greenery vs. a wall.

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Here's a picture I found last night... not a favorite design, but an example. You'd still need a planting (or large potted plants) at either end to soften the wall, imo.

A wall will give more privacy (and provide it quicker) than only shrubs.

My aunt had a small courtyard, with small pond/fountain, off the breakfast room. It was a lovely little secluded spot and always seemed magical to me (as a kid).

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Use a trellis with vines to back up a free-standing fountain, like the wider of the two you showed. Add a casual brick patio, some pots of flowers and you are there for Make sure you have electrical and plumbing close enough to run the pump and the auto-fill on the fountain.

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Are you putting in a door from the dining room to the courtyard? If not, would you ever use it? I think a courtyard with a fountain would be neat...and hopefully magical.

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