Guest Bath Decor

excessfroufrouDecember 1, 2010

Here are pix of my guest bath decorated for Christmas including my BOP as Jeanne has dubbed it. DH now thinks it is offical that I'm looney, I would have to be to take pix of the potty and post them on the web. It's hard to get a good picture because the room is so small.


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So pretty, the arrangement around that ornate mirror ...& the BOP is pretty! That pink cute with the babbles/bobbles? inside & the prints on the wall go so nicely. Also like that glass(?) tree & angel. Lookin' good! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Very lovely Frou..I can't believe that I'm saying this about a potty..but it's so 'warm a cozy' in there!
Love how you decorated your mirror and your BOP is done so nicely too. Love the delicate wall paper and your prints.
It's all so tastefully done.


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I love the garland and ornaments around the mirror.

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very pretty - I just love that mirror and frame and you really highlighted it with the garland - so elegant .....


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Very pretty and as a fellow BOP pic poster, I don't think you're looney at all. :)
How did you manage to attach the beautiful ornamental frame to your mirror?
I have a similiar large and rather dull looking mirror up over my sink that came with the house. I'd love to change it somehow but the thought of removing it makes me run the other way. lol
Perhaps I could do something like you have and be more happy with it.

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Thanks everyone, Jeanne those are little pink beaded pears in the sled and those are needlepoints of the roses. They stay year round. MM, that is actually a framed mirror that I hung on top of the standard builders mirror. I used a strong picture hanging wire and attached it right above the mirror, it hardly shows when the greenery isn't there. It stays year round too. You might could use just a frame, but I bet the back would show and be ugly.

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Very pretty, Frou, just the right touch, I think.

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Frou, pretty bath decorations. I'd like to see your double mirror when you take down the beautiful garland, ribbon and c balls. The pink sleigh looks so pretty with the rose wall paper and np pics. Pretty tree and angel too.


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Everything looks beautiful, Frou. And relaxing colors. Let's see....a glass of wine, some soft music, a tub FULL of lavender scented bubbles....ahhhh, Calgon take me away!

Tell DH that a bathroom pretty deserves to be shown, and one would have to be looney to NOT be proud of it!

hugs, Karen

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Frou, you have some of the prettiest glass dishes and items. Love the set on the tray on your vanity, so pretty and delicate looking. Really love your mirror on a mirror, and the garland really makes it pretty. Tell DH all of us will be decorating our BOP's too, so if you are "looney", you are in good company! LOL


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Frou, you are a born decorator! I wish we were neighbors so I could copy you. lol.

And this is why I love this board so much. I love the GW Decor board but a couple of years ago when I did one of my first topics I was nearly ran out of Dodge because I needed ideas on how to "decorate" a tank top! I was just told how "unsanitary" it is to do such a thing. Riiiight.

And I still want to learn how to decorate it for off-season. lol

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