Flash Drive?

lydia1959March 8, 2011

My daughter just got a new laptop, but wants to save all her pictures and music from her old laptop. There is over 10GB of 'stuff' according to my computer guy. Is a flash drive the best way to do this? I'm sure she shouldn't put all this stuff on her new computer, but she would like access to it somehow.

What do you think of the drive in the link?

Here is a link that might be useful: Verbatim USB flash drive

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

That is one way to do it with a flash drive or burn it to DVD. Any name brand flash drive should be fine, I generally go with Kingston, have personally never used Verbatim but they are a well known brand.

Be sure she scans all of that stuff well with an updated antivirus program and malwarebytes prior to moving to a new pc so she knows everything is clean and safe.

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The least expensive way to do with is to simply connect both computers to the same home network, share the folder(s) that contain the files she wants to keep, and simply copy the files from the old machine to the new.

Certainly you could use a flash drive as well. You don't need a >10 GB drive to copy the data unless it's one big file. Just copy the first 100 files, then the second 100, etc. A 4 GB drive should be under $10 and 8 GB under $15. For occasional use, it really doesn't matter what drive you buy.

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Very good price for a 16 gig...they work great!

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Regardless of your choice of media since you apparently consider thi data important you should consider a double backup on different media. All media has a projected life-cycle, but that is what it is exactly, projected. No one knows for sure and all media have some history of failure. I personally like the idea of drive and DVD in cases like this.


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There are several online storage sites, most give 50gigs. free, I have loads of photo's, videos etc. at dropbox.com you simply go there, login and see your storage box, and you get a dropbox on your desktop too...

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Nothing wrong with on-line storage if that is what a user wants. However, if the data is important to the user I have to repeat a double backup is advisable.

If a .com pulls the plug one day or it is shut down by a creditor or governmental entity, what would the user do?


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Thanks everyone, the input has been very helpful!

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Let me clarify.. in addition to other back up methods, I use many, I also use online storage... drop box is doing well, will be around a long time, I figure? and there are others also.

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