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robin11034August 26, 2012

The picture below is of a bench in the shower and one of the things I came home to that looked ... odd. He did call and ask us what height we wanted the bench at. I feel he should have volunteered that meant the bench would be in the MIDDLE of a tile. Or hey, just moved it up the TWO AND A HALF inches so the bench was in the grout line and any cut was below it. Looking at this it not only looks weird, but it doesn't look strong. I already was feeling leery about sitting on something like that if I ever needed it. Now I feel like this thing will pop right off the wall and I will be on my keester.

What do you think?

Is this safe, but ugly?

Not safe and still ugly.

Just fine, your OCD is showing.


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I usually put mine 18-20 inches off the floor. Don't know your height there, but I would have raised it up to the grout line with no sliver. After it's grouted, it won't look as wierd, though. Looks attached to the wall and should be plenty strong. Try it out before he leaves...

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I wold have, too, but so long as it's between 16-20 inches off the floor, technically speaking, it's fine. As far as strength is concerned, it's no LESS strong than it would be if he'd put it on the grout joint. I agree with Stonetech that I would've put it on the joint, but with a 2" (+/-) piece, it doesn't look bad, either. Especially once it gets grouted.

I'm assuming you really don't like/ don't trust this guy? So far, I've seen three threads you've posted about items you were ready to go postal on, and of the three, I saw one that wasn't kosher.

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LOL Not ready to go postal. Just disappointed in myself that I didn't follow my normal pattern of doing things which is as soon as something moves into the number 3 spot on the "to do" list I start researching. By the time it gets to #1 I know what and how I want to go about getting the project done on the best budget.

Dh wanted to get this done by the end of September. This project literally jumped from #6 to #1 overnight. No time to research as dh wanted it done by the end of Sep. Long boring story why. And because I need to have it done quickly, I don't have time to be doing all this research. I SHOULD be making a wedding quilt.

I hired a "handy man" fella who said he could do the job in the very short time frame we needed it done in and at every turn while we were driving across country he is calling asking us questions about things that I expect a person who could tile would know. That was why I hired him. Not only do I not tile anything other than chiclets on birthday cakes that look like pools, but I now have to research things for him!

Plus he is questioning my taste and why I would buy that tile vs the yucky discount tiles he showed me that were all exactly alike like little graham crackers. Ummm, because I didn't like the tile you showed me.

And he is slower than cold molasses!

I wouldn't even go in and look at the bathroom when we got home because I was afraid of what it looked like based on the questions he called about.

So not postal, just disappointed in myself for not saying to dh, "Dh, this is an unrealistic thing to try and accomplish. Let's wait until after the wedding even if the bathroom looks butt ugly." And it is ... butt ugly that is ... it has teal carpeting ... up the sides and lipped over onto the top of the bathtub. What were they thinking?

Thanks, really and truly! I'm not feeling like I will be gutting and starting over anymore.


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