Replacing my Garland 30" - Wolf, Capital, BlueStar or KitchenAid?

paw4youJuly 18, 2013


I purchased a 30" Garland Resiental Range in 1999. I had to replaced the ignitors quite a few times, and finally at the end the burners wouldn't stop clicking, and my stove repairman was at a loss. I loved the range, but I need to replace it.
I have been researching, and am looking at the 30 Wolf GR304 all gas range, the Capital Culinary CGMR304N all gas, and the bluestar RCS 30. Today I found the KtichenAid KDRS407VSS Dual Fuel Range. I don't know if it can compare to the other ranges. Any thoughts?
At the advice of my stove serviceman, I went to look at SouthBend and Vulcan commercial ranges because they dont have electronic ignitors but pilot lights. After looking & learning about them I decided a commerical range wasn't the way I wanted to go.
Anyway, any advice or expierences would be helpful. I am concerned about the elctronic ignitors breaking down and am wondering if any othe the ranges have better protection for them.


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If you cooking needs haven't changed, I would get a second and maybe third opinion. You should be able to get that fixed.

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We almost bought a Southbend commercial range. The ignitors was not an issue, since we grew up with gas stoves and pilot lights. But the commercial ranges are not insulated the same, and in our old historic home, we had too much combustible materials like wood floor, wood cabinets, etc., next to the range. Also, there is a large issue with insurance if you install a commercial range, as well as ventilation issues.

We looked strongly at the Wolf 30" DF, but wound up with a GE Monogram 30" DF.

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I'd sugges a bluestar RNB, since that'll give you the power you're used to. They're using better igniters now as well.

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I think wekick giving excellent advice.

For a while, we saw many Blue Star failures similar to your Garland.

The fix was to change to a different brand of ignition module.
Since this change, we have seem few Blue star clicking problems.

One poster even put up a detailed DIY of how to replace the ignition module, I suspects if you wanted to DIY yours, that post would help.

Did your repairman replace the ignition module?


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I looked at the Wolf AG and ended up with the Bluestar RNB 30 inch. I never saw the Capital, but read good things about it. You will love the burners on the Bluestar, its Achilles heel is its broiler, it is too small , but I don't broil in the range much anyway. The Wolf looks very nice, but I went for the higher power and open burners of the Bluestar. One nice thing is getting the full extension rack easy glide rack. It comes standard with the Bluestar and is a nice feature, IIRC, it is an extra on the Wolf, and don't think it is available on the Capital

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Gary, do you have a link to the thread about replacing the module. I have to replace mine.

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bluestar ignitor module

This may be the one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar ignitor module

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Yep, that's the post!

Nice work laat2


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Ours is still holding up fine after the changes in the linked post. There's one burner where I need to tweak the ignitor position (takes too long to catch b/c the spark is off center).

With the Garland, there could be a few different places that could be the problem. Off the top of my head, in addition to the ignitors and the module, I guess there's a chance that one of the switches on the burner valve is broken. You ought to be able to check continuity there and see if they're working.

Other than that, module, ignitors, and wiring are all possible points of failure that should be readily fixable. BS for a while also wanted the range on a dedicated circuit. The idea was that noise, particularly from fluorescent ballasts (not sure if electronic or magnetic matters) could cause phantom firing of the spark module.

FWIW, my parents have an early 90's 30" Viking that's still going, with various repairs over the years (an oven element was the latest IIRC). So, there's no reason to toss the Garland unless something catastrophic has happened. The right person with a wiring diagram and parts ought to be able to get it running again.

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I would try to get the garland going again. It is a metal box with replacable parts, I can not see any reason why it can not be fixed for far less money than a new one (not to mention far more environmentally friendly as well). Thull gave some good advise. I suspect some sort of wiring issue or even possibly a defective brand new part.

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