Skype and Wifi

dedtiredMarch 26, 2012

Can I get a Skype call on my laptop over my wifi network? I do have a private network. Must I hook the laptop up to the cable in order to Skype?

If I take the password off of my wifi, can I get Skype calls? It would only be for two weeks while my friend is traveling in Europe. What's the risk?

My desktop is ancient and does not have a camera. I know I can buy a camera cheaply. Is that the best choice? If I get a Skype call on my desktop, how do I know? I can leave it on but I never use it and it is at the other end of my house.

Sorry for all the questions. I find the Skype support to be unclear. Thanks

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You can make or receive Skype calls on your laptop through your wifi while it is secured. Don't turn off security.

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Thank you. I just got my first Skype call and it was over the wifi. Yippee.

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