choosing between monogram and thermador for cooking

Karen.1288July 20, 2012

I've narrowed my selections down to either GE monogram or Thermador for our induction cooktop and wall ovens. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts and experiences on either of these. The model numbers that I'm looking at are CIT365GB and MED302EX for the thermador and ZHU36RBMBB and ZET958SMSS for the monogram. The thermador is $1700 more.


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We have the Thermador CIS365GB which is the same as the CIT365GB but with sensordome. I haven't yet used the sensors and didn't factor that into our decision to buy this cooktop.

We took out a GE Monogram gas cooktop which I disliked for its lack of power. We also took out GE Monogram ovens and replaced them with Electrolux. So I'm generally not pro-Monogram. Recent models may be better than the ones that came with our house, I wouldn't knot.

The Thermador cooktop has so far performed flawlessly. I've simmered, stir-fried, seared and braised on it. I haven't yet found a weakness. I'm only a month into working with it, so I have a lot more to learn - the programmed modes, timer and sensordome are still untested. But so far it does everything a good gas cooktop will do, but faster, with greater responsiveness and precision. Thermador advertises their cooktop as having the highest power of any induction unit - 4600 W on boost. That was a major factor for me because of my cooking style.


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We are going to switch to induction for our cooktop. I can't find any complaints or any negatives on any brand of induction cooktop, so I am narrowing it down to which burner/hob layout I prefer.

A well-known magazine that does ratings of all sorts of things might be worth looking at for the wall ovens.

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