January decorating

OakleyDecember 20, 2011

Well, January is almost here. The month where it's cold and bleak outside and Christmas decorations are gone.

Do you consider adding spring decorations in January to be too early?

Is there anything special you do to make up for the colorful Christmas decor?

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No spring decor in January for me...way too early. I continue to use pine cones and greenery throughout winter. Like to keep warm and cozy colors throughout the house. Good time to bring out some colorful throws, pillows and candles. Also like to regularly make chili or soups in the crock pot and have simmering potpourri. Scent goes along way to beating the winter blahs for us. I usually like winter (deep south) and really appreciate the simplicity that comes with the season.

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I agree. Snowmen, pine cones and greenery until at least through January. Then I start in with Valentine's Day decor. Jan. & Feb. are notoriously cold, nah freezing and below, in CO so may as well keep with the season :)


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hey Oak, I don't do Spring till around Easter. With our fool weather so hot so many months of the year, I just don't want to "hurry Spring". We don't even usually have Spring like most folks. It gets hot fast. I use to be kind of sad after taking down Christmas decor cause the house felt blah all of Jan, but then last year I tried doing some winter stuff with greenery, berries, birds and such. Then the first of Feb I pulled out my Valentine decor. I always decorate the family room and kitchen area for every holiday, and seasons. And I do put a few things on front porch and in entry way. I only do the whole house for Christmas. I find I enjoy having the reds/pinks of Valentines for a few weeks, then the greens of ST Paddy's,
then the pastels of Easter and Spring. Change like that has brightened my little house-bound self a lot the last few years (thanks to this Forum teaching me all this stuff that I wouldn't have thought of).

Did you see a post I did last night about pretty winter decorating a blogger showed? I really like that and may
do some of my cloches and jars similar.
I think I'll at least wait till March (after St Paddy's) to start any real Spring look. But a person should do what makes THEM feel good and what they enjoy! I am sure whatever you do will be pretty.

I'm learning life is too short to not enjoy things anytime you can. I have that little sign that says "Its my house and I'll do as I darn well please". LOL

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I must have missed the post but will definitely check it out. I live for winter! And it saddens me that the days will start getting shorter beginning this week, although it will take a while.

I can't really use greenery because it would blend in with the colors in my LR, but right before Christmas i did do all white/cream on top of my mantel by using Crocks.

Changing out throws is a good idea. We always keep two throws in the LR for both my dh and myself.

I just remembered, I do have a wide faux ivy plant in a pretty bronze (fake) planter. I could put that on my sofa table and I think it would stand out there.

Yeah, it's way too early to do Spring. I don't EVEN want to think about gardening right now! lol

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I like to decorate w/lots of 'snowmen & ladies' ...cause Winter seems to last forever after Christmas. Of course, this yr will be diff because there's no snow on the ground for Christmas! I also use lots of pines, greenery cause I do love bringing it indoors...not everyone does, I know.

Plan on doing some small cloches ...so many lovely ideas! & in Feb. out comes the RED! And by then I'm dying for March & hopefully, Spring on March 20th! LOL! Jeanne S.

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After last year's long - long winter...I could only 'Hope' for Spring to come early this year, and even
though Winter is the ONLY season I'd love to rush..
honestly...as far as decorating with Spring colors, that
would be way early to think about now.

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I thought I would still be Christmas-y but instead of the bright reds and greens I am using now, I would switch to cranberry and sage green with metallic accents to lighten things up.

I want to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my holidays out.

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oooooooh, cranberry and sage green, two of my favorite colors no matter what season or where. Just love them!
I have NO idea why I don't have them to decorate with! Sheeesh.
Tho I did just paint my den here with sage green, does that count? LOL. Such a serene color.

hugs, Karen

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I'll try to take some pictures of our lobby at work. It is all silver and white and we plan to leave some of it up well into January. In the midwest, we won't see spring weather for quite a few months so we stick to snowy winter scenes. But aroumd Valentine's Day I like to decorate with the reds and pinks, and all the stores put out their Easter decor at the end of February. But I normally wait until March to put out our "springy" decor.

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I tend to keep up Christmas longer than most people - mid to late January. I usually keep up some greens, pinecones and more candles than usual and blend them right into Valentines. This year may be different since we will be redoing the living room complete with all new woodwork, wainescoating, and painting so I will be taking it down earlier this year .....


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Swest2, my home is actually decorated in cranberry/maroon/reds and greens! My mom had the same colors and it stuck with me. It's the only colors I've ever had, isn't that strange? Even when we did the remodel and added on, I kept to those colors.

While I do have white beadboard, I like my idea of the white crocks for the mantel, along with the twigs I sprayed white before Christmas.

I've been meaning to ask you all. Do any of you keep those lighted branches in your house outside of holidays? I'm talking about the kind that would run on batteries and the lights are built into the branch or something like it.

I've been considering one of those but wanted to see what other's thought also. I'd put it in a corner somewhere that needs light.

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Oak...I love those twig lights but don't have any out for Christmas...I ran out of room! I have them out in Oct./Nov for Fall...here you can see them in the bkgrd from my DR centerpc:

Here's full view from Oct/Nov:

And my vine tree lights up that corner now in the DR:

Jeanne S.

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I have a pair of those lighted twig branch 'bunches', they are wonderful and I leave mine out all year. I have a large faux ficus tree they normally stay in, put them by the trunk and they light up the tree so pretty. I've moved them around tho to different areas in another large faux plant or just in vase with branches. They fit well for any kind of decorating I think.

hugs, Karen

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I hate to see my Christmas things go away but I am very excited about getting out the snow people, snow scapes, crystal and icey blue!!

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