Some Christmas Pics

chijimDecember 31, 2010

Hi all

Dec has been a trying month, first my furnace went out and I was wo/heat for a number of days, problem fixed, then went out again--its since been fixed. The $ hit wasn't too bad, could have been really much worse if I wasn't able to fix the same problem myself at no cost.

Then a few days before Christmas, my little parrot Houdi of 25+ yrs died--for a Nanday Conure he was an old bird and was aging, so that it happened was something I was prepared for, but it still hurt to lose him.

I discovered by googling the info on his leg band, that he was captured in the wild--so I have no idea how old he really was.

Anyway, I decided against the big tree and used things that would survive the young cats for fear of breakage. It worked out pretty.


Have a Happy New Year

I took down my fowl painting so I could put the faux deer head on this wall and added the other dog pics.

The cats are MsK and Tigger.

My 3 Wise Men that are new this yr.

I haven't rally been able to take a good pic of the gold tree in my urn.

The epergne on the table was a Christmas gift from a friend.

My new foil faux candy Santas.

The lamp w/snowman was a happy error. The glue on the dog lamp dried up when I received it, I never re-glued the dog--only used tack wax, and then I was able to use the snowman vignette on it.

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OMGoodness! I love it! Your Christmas decorations are always at the top of my favorite list. I don't know where to start. The wreath on the deer is beautiful and I love the coffee table glass dispay cases. Your new wise men are stunning and I adore the epergne on the dining table. The mirrored Santa wall is just beyond description(in a good way). And the white, crystal feather type tree is a dream. I've thinned out and cut back over the years, but this really my kind of decorating.
Happy New Year!

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Jim, sorry to hear about your furnace problems and losing your little parrot Houdi. I'm sure he had a wonderful long life with you.

Your two new kitties, MsK and Tigger are very pretty. So glad you shared all these pictures with us. Your decorations are always inspiring. Loved seeing all of them.


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Absolutely STUNNING, chijim!

This last pic with the cherubs/candleholder is so, so BEAUTIFUL! The prism tree between them is such a GLORIOUS piece! And that it survives your kitties makes it even better! I admired those cherubs in your pics last yr...great flow in the shapes/textures of those pcs!

Swapping out the snowman vignette with the dog on your lamp certainly works so well! All your vignette collections of Santas & snowmen...your art, everything...just so elegant!

Losing an old friend like Houdi is sad & I hope you have many, many good memories of your dear pet. Good luck with your kitties...what a wonderful home for them to share with you! TFS your pics! Jeanne S.

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Jim sorry to hear of your Dec woes..and sorry for the loss of your Bird friend Houdi. That sure is a long time sharing lives together, and must be a real void with out him. But what a lucky bird to have had such a great life and you as a friend.
Your first picture made me laugh.
Your little furries blended right into the scenery, and don't they look like trouble in the making!!
I love ALL your decorations. They've become a 'Tradition' to see and enjoy each year. Of course I love the deer head all decked out and your trees look lovely.
Lovely Santa Cloche and I always enjoy your Santa collection. The Lamp with the Children and Snowman caught my's very different. I like the special effect that the garlands over the mirror and over your pictures creates. Everything looks so warm and elegant. I'd love to be sitting by the fire and just taking it all in. You're so talented and did an outstanding job as usual.
Wishing You Lots of Good Health & Happiness in the New Year.

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First, I want the picture of the English Pointer since that's the dog I have!

Secondly, beautiful as usual!

I think I have the same mercury glass urn you have which is on the stand. What I discovered is the color is just stunning at Christmas!

Good job!

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I've made a little list for my birthday.
1. The Three Kings and the camel. (Where did you find them? They're magnificant!)
2. The angel candlesticks. I'd have them out ALL the time.
3. The tree with all the hanging crystals. (Just send it all: lights, crystals, tree. If anything comes off in shipment, I can fix it.)
4.The chest with the Santa collection. (I'd ask for the Santa collection too, but I know you must have spent a long time gathering them all, so I'll let those go.)
5.The plaid chandelier shades (Seems like I remember them from last year. You've got enough mileage out of them. My turn now.)

Jim, I love how you display all your precious items. Even the kitties seem like they know who to sit for pictures. Sorry to hear about your birdie. It's always hard when a pet leaves, even when we know it's time.

Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph and post your wonderful decorations.
Have a great year.

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pure elegance, glitz and glamor - I could spend hours taking it all in in person - thanks you so much for sharing your place with us :) If I had to narrow down a favorite it would have to be the lamp - there is just something about kids and a snowman that evokes a more simple innocent time :)

so sorry to hear about your Houdi - it is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet. We had to do that earlier this year due to a sudden incident but Christmas day we were blessed with a new kitty who has won our hearts. Her markings are very much like your MissK :) .....


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Jim sorry to hear about your beloved pet. I know that must really be hard.

I'm so glad you decided to post. I didn't get to come here as much as I wanted to this season, so I thought I had missed your pictures. I don't know how you can manage to blend all your wonderful decorations together so artistically. I have a lot more decorations than display because I don't have the knack that you do and it just ends up looking junky. I just LOVE your style!

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What a wonderful collection of dog pictures and figurines you have! And all in such elegant frames too. Love your santa collection, very impressive, and that tree with all the crystals--just gorgeous. Love the jars all nestled in the greenery, so hard to choose a favorite, as it is all wonderful!

I know you will miss your bird, so hard to lose one of our pets. It sure leaves a hole in our hearts doesn't it? Hope the kitties will cheer you with their antics so you won't feel so sad.



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Jim, I sorry about your pet. It's amazing how much a part of our lives they become. I had so much fun looking at all of your treasures. I love, love, love your Santas. Where did you say you live? LOL The Three Kings and the camel are magnificent. Everything is lovely. Thank you for the tour.

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I'm finally home after travelling throughout the holidays. What a joy it was to find your post among the holiday offerings! I was sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. I hope the new kittens will keep you busy and help assuage the loss of Houdi.

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Jim, I am truly sorry about Houdi. Such a long time you two had together, and I know he's left a big hole in your heart. (They always take a piece of us with them it seems.)
How interesting you learned he was captured in the wild before making his way to your home. He was a lucky little guy being loved by you all these years.

I wasn't sure we'd be seeing Christmas photos from you since the Tiny Terrorists were having their first Christmas Party! But looking at Tigger in that photo, not so TINY now! My he's become a big boy. I often wonder what Miss Kitty and Selena think of the "cat explosion" at your place. LOL. Then again, they seem to love it. You have such wonderfully good-natured animals. Selena stole my heart from the first photo I saw of her. What a beautiful soul she is!

As for your decor, it always awes me. Like visiting a museum but with all the comfort and coziness of a home. Your opulent style is just a feast for the eyes! I never tire of seeing your beautiful things. Especially the paintings! I see that you also believe "wall space" is the little area between frames. LOL. I love it.

Did you decorate the tree with the gold leaves yourself? I think it is wonderful. I'm tempted to try something like that on one of my little table trees next time.

I'd LOVE to have SEEN you putting that wreath over the Deer's head. Looks like quite a feat!

I really wish had an album of your decor photos so we could keep going back to look any time we want. Of course I do have quite a few in our Inspiration albums. :o)

I hope the New Year is good to you. And the terrible weather that's hit the East Coast has spared you somehow.
Stay safe, and stay warm.
hugs, Karen

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Tks for the kind words about my Houdi.

Also, Tks for the all the props--what a good way to start the new year--it can be a challenge keeping up with all of you and what's posted on a daily bases.

Oldalgebra - the 3 Wise Men are from HSN. From what I gather, they have them every now and then in limited supply and the set was around $100., They were available late last summer/early fall.

It seems of late I've been adding a "quality" Santa yrly - this yr, my friend sent me the big Napoleon "Bee' Santa above the little lamp I put together.
Oh, I got the cherubs last yr, and I did leave them out because I enjoyed them.

Karen - Yes I did the small tree w/gold leaves myself, believe me, it looked better, but the cats kept trying to take it down...they love the bling!
Those gold ivy leaves were another after Xmas purchase bought cheaply en masse yrs back.
Finally I said enough was enough--it is what it is!
Yes. Tigger is big, he's bigger than his daddy, even the "runt" Gizmo turned into a big kitty.
Selena the dog has a cat gene--she likes them, and even makes friends with strays if they're receptive.
She's also friends with the birds, squirrels and a possum.

They are big! I would have preferred to use them on the flr, and by the tree, but not this yr, the cats are still too young.

Luvs - I'm surprised the crystal drop tree was left alone. My late mom would pick up those chandelier crystal whenever she found them cheaply.
Like my Santa collection--which my mom started, you add one or two yrly and after a few yrs you have something.

pdg777 - I found if you get enough of like things such as decorative picks, sprays,etc--it becomes easier to create a look...or at least punt!

lynnencfan - the kids/snowman and vignettes in the display cases are from QVC/Valerie Parr Hill. Their quality is superb and they weren't too $$ either.
Another gift/acquisition this yr.

nana2010 - Anytown USA,LOL Tks

forhgtv - yes the cats will keep me busy and will "help" when I take things their special very own cat way, meaning, check boxes/totes before sealing!

oakleyok - RE; Pointer pic, maybe in the will ;-)I agree, Mercury glass does go so well with Christmas decorating. Mine are from Wisteria.
I didn't do it this yr, I put a string of battery operated lights inside and they glow. It creates another nighttime look.

slinkey - There's a Where's Waldo in pic 14 down, Ms K is down near the flr behind the cabinet leg next to the blu & wht jar.

jeannespines - LOL,I'm glad you see elegant--I see chairs w/cat patina, and pieces mended/glued, scratches...aka gentle decay!
I work with what I have and try to it make it work - Tks for the compliments.

phonegirl - Thk you. Kind words do help ease the pain.

excessfroufrou - Normally the deerhead/wreath is where the mirror/crystal tree is, as the mirror hides the heavy screws needed to hold the deerhead on the wall. I found I could do the same above the sofa, the big pic that's normally there will hide the screws and nails used.
I had those display cases for 3 yrs before I could figure out what to do w/them--they're big! Adding the marble beneath actually helped the look.
I can't wait to do something w/the epergne next yr - the cats think it's their new feeding bowls--they keep checking it out to see if I've put anything in there for them. The friend who gave to me suggested Fancy Feast!

My look isn't for everyone, but it sure makes it fun to share with people who get it.

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BINGO!...Spotted Ms K ... more like -
'I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat'..
Loved looking for her...
I do 'I SPY' books all the time with the Gkids..


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Jim, thanks for the hint! I never thought about getting more of the same things, so that gives me a starting point!

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So much awesomeness!! The Three Kings and the camel are lovely, and faux deer is great... but my favorite ...I really love the foil Santas under the ball jar. I might have to steal that idea :o) (I see it working with easter bunnies too.)


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I don't know if your out there or check in periodically but I love it - all of it! Your stuff is AWESOME! I have a King Charles Cavalier and would kill to get some of those paintings!!!!!!

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Kellykath, Jim does check in some but usually this time of year he's on the Home Decorating Forum. His place is wonderful and we love when he shares photos with us.

hugs, Karen

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kellykath - I want a real King Charles Cavalier in the worst way. Tks for the props

Hi all.

Not much going on w/me - same old same old, haven't done much w/any decorating.

Finally all the cats are fixed - makes life so much nicer esp having 7!
They couldn't complete Sweetie's pre-surgery exam once-over because as the paperwork stated..."she had attitude!" LOL
I'll bet they thought I was being ironic naming her Sweetie.


Here's a few pics of some things I've done.

Since I left existing mail holes and needed to cover them w/the wreath, I added the faux ivy.

My sister gave me these cherry 'scatters' I did. You can't tell by the pic, but the ceramic birds have cherries in the base.

Here my buffet - fowl pic w/moved from over sofa.

Here's the boys, L-R Tigger, Gizmo and Cookie on makeshift cat tree.

Some Xmas inspiration to share..

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Jim, glad to see you're around, I've missed reading your posts!

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Ditto Jim, its so nice to see a post and photos from you.
The boys look pretty happy with their "cat tree". LOL.
Cats are easy to entertain...often too much so!!
Glad you got them fixed, 7 could become 70 in no time.

Loved the decor photos as always, thank you for sharing.
We do miss you here, and hope once the Fall holidays start
you'll be back more. And maybe this year the tiny terrorists will be less destructive. Age helped Jazz aka Trouble...most of the time. LOL.

hugs, Karen (and one to your beautiful Selena as well)

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In response Jim . . . the King Charles Cavaliers are the sweetest little darling dogs. Mine has been such a wonderful dog, companion, lap warmer (that's what they were bred for) and they have the most gentle dispositions. I hope that one day you will be able to have a REAL one. I will think of you every time I see dog pictures and continue to visit and look at your "treasures". I just might have to share a couple of my dog pics soon.

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