Download Youtube Videos.

zep516March 7, 2011

What do you use to do this? Is there a special software? Clueless about this sort of thing....

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

there are some good add ons for firefox for doing it.
I don't do it much but I do have a firefox add on.
This is just a few of them
Video DownloadHelper

Easy YouTube Video Downloader 4.0

1-Click YouTube Video Download 1.5

Download YouTube Videos + Flash Video Downloader / Download-Helper 3.3.1

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Ok, cool!

I generally don't do this sort of thing either. When I "goggled" it was overwhelming , so I asked here.


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What a coincidence!

I tried to post a message a few minutes ago and got a message about cookies.

I took a break, went to KT, posted with no problem, and came back here to try again.

I found that I no longer have Flash Player. Somewhere in all the troubles I had recently it must have been deleted.

I have tried to get it by clicking on a video that has a small box that says click here to download Flash Player.

I download it but then I get a red box that tells me to read the agreement, which I've not found. I did get a list of Flash programs and I clicked on the version 10. It just sits there downloading endlessly.

I went to FF addons and found this. Download YouTube Videos + Flash Video Downloader / Download-Helper 3.3.1

So, that is what I need?

In Control Panel I have Adobe Reader 9.3.4. which is used for my church newsletter. Will I lose that if I get Flash Player?

Firefox default browser.

HP Media Center XP SP3



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Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash are two separate programs, so downloading and installing Flash should have no effect on Reader.

By the way, there is one version of Flash for IE and another for FF, Chrome, Opera (2 versions). So you will need to download with whichever browser you intend to use. I have both versions because I sometimes switch between browsers.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I highly suggest only downloading flash from the official download site and not on a site where it pops up saying you need some plug in or program you never know where exactly that will send you or what it will install.

for flash download go here, use the browser you want to have it installed to and make sure you get the proper flash for that browser. If using IE go to the download page using IE and select the IE flash version to install, do teh same with any other browser.

Adobe� Flash� Player
Adobe Flash Player

Find Flash Player version

after you do your download I always suggest going to the test site to make sure it shows it was successful and shows the proper version installed
Flash PlayerTest

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The current release for both versions, IE and Non-IE, is


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I could not get Flash to work, so I waited until today to start over fresh.

I went to the Flash Support Forum and found that many people have problems with Flash.

Had to turn off Avast!, and then find the button to close FF.

One of the questions on the Forum was "Has anyone really ever read the EULA?" I had to laugh at that. :)

Thanks for your help.


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Does anyone know why I can't play my videos on my YouTube list one after the other? They stop after each song. I used to be able to click on play I have to click one at a time. Is very annoying.



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Folks, I have a similar issue with Youtube. The lips and words aren't synched and they keep buffering that is very distracting to me. My system a X-P-SP3, ADM 2.16 with 1.00 GB of ram. If I installed more ram would that help my problem? BTW, this machine is almost 10 years old. I don't want to save the video's, just watch them one time.
Thanks for any and all help,

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