fluorescent lights in kids' closets a good idea??

Bridget HelmJune 30, 2013

the architect has can lights in all the closets. wouldn't little fluorescents be better since these lights will likely be left on more? don't fluorescents use less energy and don't the bulbs last longer?

would something like this be ok?

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In some areas cans wouldn't be allowed in a closet (heat issues).

We chose to put in a flush mount LED in our closets. LED in cans might be okay in a closet.

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We have fluorescent lights with switches at the hinge. When the door is open, the light is on. It shuts off when the door is closed. Now if I can just get them to shut the doors...

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I would opt for can lights with Cree CR6 LED bulbs. Very low energy draw, and very long life- much longer than fluorescents.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I thought lights in closets have to be covered and not open due to heat issues. There was a lovely house in our neighborhood that burned down....family went on vacation and a closet light was left on....something must've been touching it and it got hot enough to start a fire. (I know led and fluorescents are cooler, but still...)

Be sure that they put the lights towards the front of the closet and not in the center so the light shines onto the clothing.

BTW, I have fluorescents in my closet and I love it...bright enough to see the difference between black and navy!

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The best location for a closet light is on the wall above the center of the door(s).

The fixture you show would be a tight fit on the ceiling of a normal depth closet but would work on the wall if it is 6" or less deep. I don't see any of the necessary information on the site so I would look elsewhere.

All incandescent lights must be enclosed (a recessed light would have to have a lens) and at least 24" from the back wall of the closet so a very deep closet is required unless the fixture is very thin like an under cabinet light. A wall mounted one inch thick fixture would require a closet depth of at least 25".

Enclosed fluorescent and LED fixtures must be at least 18" from the back wall so they will fit in a typical 24" or smaller closet. Many of the LED lamps give better light and last far longer than the fluorescent ones but they are more expensive.

There are fluorescent and LED fixtures that are permitted to be closer to the back wall of a closet (within the "storage area") but I can't think of a reason to use them unless you want light under the shelf or built into the rod.

A pressure switch in the door jamb will cycle on and off if the door is left ajar. It is more expensive but safer to use a magnetic low-voltage relay in the head of the door.

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Bridget Helm

renovator8, their closets are 3'6" by 3'6"

what kind of light is best for that space? the ceiling is 10 feet upstairs

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