Faux Carrera on floor and in shower, what countertop?

RPK42August 21, 2013

Love the look of all marble bathrooms but I don't have time for the maintenance so we are looking at the faux tiles. We'll be doing dark cherry vanities, faux marble floor and shower. Should I just put plain white quartz on the countertops? Husband thinks if we go with the marble look quartz it will make the tiles stand out as being faux.

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I would think that you might have trouble getting the faux counter and faux tiles to coordinate - much like faux and real marble. it is hard to say without seeing the tile you are using. A countertop material that is clearly different will probably end up looking better, in my opinion. Either plain white or maybe a dark quartz counter will be lovely. KevinMP did a beautiful bath with marble, dark wood vanity and a dark grey countertop (IIRR his was granite, but you could do quartz instead).

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We have faux carrera tiles and real carrera countertops. I was worried about this but it really does look fine. Love my carrera countertops!

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Like pps7, I have faux carrera tile and real carrera countertops. I love the combo.

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Thank you! I just saw Kevin's bathroom the other day, love that look!

PPS7 and Pricklypearcactus, any trouble with staining on your countertops? I put my makeup on at the sink so I'm worried about powder, blush dust making a mess.

Right now I'll either do real marble on counters with gray tile floor or faux marble floor and real marble counters

Thanks again!!!!

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I haven't had a single stain, but my sink is not heavily used. Eventually I plan to put carrera marble in the master bath as well, but for now the sink with marble is really only used for washing hands and hand washing delicate laundry.

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Just to follow up went to the Tile Shop this weekend for their big laborday sale and fell in love with a display they had. It was basket weave marble tile on the floor, subway marble on the shower walls and a greek key trim in black going around it, gorg! Sadly we can't afford all real marble so we'll do faux tiles in the shower and since it's in a separate room anyway, we are the only ones who will see it. I have found one marble remnant slab for my vanity and just need another one for my husbands which is smaller so should be easier to find a remnant, right? I will attempt to post pics when this is all done around November. Thanks again for all of the good advice, jrueter, PPS7 and Pricklypearcactus!!

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