Strange Change: Scroll Wheel Color

not2brightMarch 3, 2011


The other day I was running scans on a relative's new HP laptop. Since I hate using the laptop mousepad I plugged my scroll wheel mouse into the USB port on the laptop. Of course, when it detected the new hardware it searched for an appropriate driver automatically (and did so) and everything was fine.

After finishing the scans and returning the laptop I plugged my mouse back into my own desktop computer and discovered that the scroll wheel 'light' had changed color from blue to red !! To be honest, I simply wasn't paying enough attention while doing scans on the laptop to know what color it was at that time; I was much too annoyed by the 2 1/2 hrs it took MSE to do its first anti-virus scan on this new computer and the solid hour it took to defrag after only three weeks of intermittent use !!

Anyway, I didn't know there were different colored lights in the mouse's scroll wheel, and, although it really isn't that big of a deal, it was nice to have the blue light instead of red. (I have two mice hooked up to the computer and in a dimly lit room the two users know his/her own mouse by the glowing scroll wheel color.)

Does anyone know why/how it changed and how to change it back to its 'default' blue-colored light ? It's only a cheapie Gigaware optical corded mouse, but any suggestion would be appreciated.

I've done some searching online and haven't found an answer as yet. And,yes, I know now -- after the fact -- that Gigaware doesn't have the greatest reputation in the 'mouse' dept. Live and learn. ;-)

Thanks !

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No idea. Maybe take a look at properties for your mouse in Control Panel.

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Yeah, I checked that but didn't notice anything relevant.

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I just thought I'd offer this update on the mysterious change in scroll wheel light color.

Background: I realize now that it was soon after I bought the mouse in question that I also downloaded the Opera browser, which I had previously uninstalled because I was getting along so well with FF (and still am). Today I was doing some "spring cleaning" and decided to uninstall Opera once again since I'm finding that I can get FF to do what I want more easily. Well, a few hours after I uninstalled Opera I noticed that the scroll wheel was back to its original blue !!

I mean.... I know Opera is a great browser and is very customizable and everything, but I didn't know it would go so far as to change the color of my scroll wheel light from blue to Opera's trademark red ! ;-) ;-)

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