Marble floor picture! now to pick a paint color

purrusAugust 30, 2012

Hi all,

Here's the new floor! I'm thrilled with it. Thoughts on a paint color? I keep gravitating toward something like SW black bean or garret gray... there will be white wood trim and a bright light fixture. But, the room is only 3.5x5.5 with no windows... am I nuts?

Just for fun, here's some other stuff that will be in there...

all metal will be chrome for ultimate gleaming effect, since it's small in there

light fixture

sink (was cheap at lowe's, but I bought a nice delta faucet. ... will I regret not spending a lot more on the sink?)

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For what it's worth, it's not too late for me to go get a different sink.. I'm really not sure that there will be room for my soap dispenser on this sink, but I guess I could get a shelf. However, I'd really rather not.

I love the Kohler Memoirs, but felt that the squared edges would take up more room than a rounded sink.

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Beautiful! If the room is small with no natural light I'd steer away from a very dark paint color - it will only make it look smaller. I'd pair a light gray/greige with that tones in that marble.

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I think the Memoirs is a nicer looking sink, and would fit with the more traditional look of the chrome areas on the light fixture, but that is a personal opinion. I think the Lowes sink is a more modern look. There might be more room for items on the Kohler too. You could lay out the Kohler sink size on your floor with a newspaper or something to see how it will fit in your space.

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