Own Liebherr refrigerator? How'd you like it?

firefangleJuly 13, 2014

I love the look, and the tall narrow shape is perfect for my very small kitchen but after researching on the web, it seems people have lots of problems with Liebherrs. If you have one, I'd love to know how it is working out for you. Thanks!

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I have owned a 24" All Refrigerator for over 2 years.

No problems, I like it just fine.

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I have had three Liebherr refrigerators. The two model 1360 have both gone bad, with compressor problems, during the warranty period. From what I have read, there is a design defect with this and several other Liebherrs, and I would never recommend buying one. they are beautiful, but warranty service is a nightmare, and the last warranty claim I had took 9 months to resolve before I got a replacement. Generally, the local service companies are increasingly refusing to deal with Liebherr because of their habit of giving owners the runaround, often requiring the owner to hire additional service calls at his own expense when it is clear that the sealed unit (which Liebherr does not allow service companies to service) is the problem. I have been through this twice with two different Liebherr refrigerators, and a quick internet search will demonstrate that mine is not an isolated case. Buy something else. Liebherrs are beautiful monsters that will bite you.

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Wow, @randalkell, your post sure has me thinking twice. A couple of questions. Do you live near an authorized seller/service center for them and do you think that the problem might have been specific to the model 1360 and last but not least, when did all this trouble happen. Recently?

Thanks so much for sharing what sounds like a nightmare experience..

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Just fyi... my certified Sub-Zero installer also installs Liebherr's and said he often gets called back after the install to remove and replace them after they go bad. He said he could never in good faith recommend a Liebherr to anyone. He has seen too many fail. And he installs all types of appliances, not just Sub-Zeros.

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Thanks, RealhousewifeofNJ - sorry to hear that the Liebherr's are not popular with your installer...Never a good sign.

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I have one on order, fingers crossed. I like the design and features and don't see the value in the much more costly SZ. My experience with appliances is the quality of local service and support is key. I'm assured it's good with Liebherr where I am and I've talked to a few local happy owners. Time will tell.

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I think you're right, joc6820, quality of local service and support is key. But how do you tell the quality of the service and support if you don't live in a large metropolitan area?

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Here's what I did:
-used a local dealer (not Lowe's Home Depot, etc.they don't do Liebherr anyway). If you don't have a good local dealer within a reasonable distance, maybe skip Liebherr
-check the dealers reputation as best you can, ask them for their honest feedback on items you are interested in, ask for a few actual owners you can communicate with to get more feedback
-find out who (and where) the actual service company is that would send someone out to fix your fridge, order parts, etc. Call them up and get a feel for how good they are
-say and prayer and order (or not).

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I have the integrated 30" refer/freezer now for 18 months and love it! No problems, keeps produce very well. Wife and I actually preferred it to the same size SZ even before we found out it was a couple grand less which was just a bonus! Our salesman (who also sells SZ), said he has seen no more problems with Liebherr than SZ per unit sold. I really like the double drawer freezer, and the little ice cubes it makes are great for drinks!

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I have had the counter depth tall narrow Miele fridge for a few months, they are made in Austria and was told that the similar Liebherr model (also sold at the same appliance store) is made in the same factory. Should I be worried? Is there any connection between Miele and Liebherr? Do they use similar parts or is it that they are just assembled in the same factory.

Unfortunately there are not too many counter depth options available and I couldn't find any reviews on this specific Miele fridge (it doesn't seem to be sold in the US) so we bought it based solely on the reputation of Miele.

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We have had the 24" Leibherr for about 5 years and love it. Our only problem with it has been the ice maker--twice, we have had to have it fixed (once, the tray cracked; this last time, water was flowing over the tray to create one block of ice). I have heard that ice makers are the most common fix needed in fridges. However, we like the Leibherr enough that we are going to install a larger one in our new home!

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It is a love/hate relationship. Perfect temps fridge and freezer. Love the layout...slender insides...the shelves and drawers. The drawers are brittle and i do have some cracks in the plastics. The ice maker tray has cracked and the repair kit is 120$...but just the 2 dollar tray is cracked. I just need a new tray, not a full kit. It will crack again. A re-call on the hinges took months to schedule a 'free' replacement. Seems all of NYC has one repair guy.
I think mine is going on 6 yrs now. I have learned through net searching how to repair the few problems myself. Once a year it seems, i need to empty and turn off the freezer and let the tiny drain thaw...it tends to seize and freeze shut...a few hours off and help with a hair dryer thaws the drain. The fridge drain often clogs as well...about once a year.
Not sure if i would buy one again. If they would sell the ice trays for five bucks, (and i would order a few), i might give them a higher mark since i know how to replace it...
It is a good ice maker when it works...tiny square crystal clear cubes as it is a very cold efficient system...
They were very kind and helpful on the phone under warranty...now not so much.

We pulled ours out and studied how it drains and know where to point the hair dryer....no access from the inside, dumb design and such an easy design fix...and they should sell the 2 dollar ice trays as singles and i would support their efforts as a decent fridge but a bit pricy for some serious issues that occur over and over.

Even when the drain clogs it still holds perfect temps...so we take our time to get around to the un-clogging. (a sheet of ice forms under the bottom lower freezer bins)
When the ice tray cracks, as mentioned above, you get a solid block of ice in your ice bin.

The ugly eye-sore KitchenAid that came with the house and now our garden harvest/beer cooler-overflow-fridge is in the basement works fine as a fridge should. (no ice-maker).

Very unlike me to still love something with so many problems, but i've never lost any fresh or frozen foods ever. If i was not handy and a quick study of problems, i may have had some costly repairs...and the repair guy would be borrowing my hair dryer to fix something so simple....

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7+ years; one glitch but worked through on the phone
great fridge, does hold great temp
don't have icemaker (hate them) so that seems like some of the source of trouble

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I've had this one for about a month, so far no problems, knock on wood.


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We've had our 24-inch model (CS1200) for a few weeks. We love it. After the initial cooldown on installation (which was noisy), the fridge has been absolutely silent. It holds far more food than you would think, given the size, and the freezer with its three drawers is really convenient, more so than the top freezer we had on our Kenmore (which by the way, worked fantastically well for many years, and which I replaced only because of the size).

Hope this helps!

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