Is it easy to change out a showerhead

5yearslaterAugust 3, 2012

I'm on design overload and need to choose a showerhead. Can I choose a solid but inexpensive head now (for example a speakman)and if I am unhappy or for whatever reason want to switch it out for a different one at a later date (for example, an expensive rohl), is it easy as unscrewing one and screwing in the other?

Can the shower arm stay the same? Would that need to change? In all cases I know I would need to be sure the finish was similar enough not to look strange, but I am wondering here about the difficulty of the mecahnics of making a switch at a later time.

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It only took my husband a few minutes

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it's very easy. check it out on youtube. you'll need a wrench and some teflon tape - plus the new shower head. when tightening the new one wrap a rag around it so it doesn't get scratched by the wrench.

In my old place the shower head needed changed out about once a yr so I just bought one for under 10.00 at W. I need one in my new (old) hall bath because it doesn't even have one. I plan to get another cheapie for there because I doubt it'll ever be used.

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I've seen the videos. So it doesn't matter what type of showerhead? You can go from low end to high end and back just with the wrench and tape? If that's so, I'm buying the cheapie first, then if I don't like it, I can just change it!


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Fori is not pleased


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