OTR Microwave Lighting

lovemrmeweyJuly 22, 2013

I am trying to research the range lighting provided by an OTR Microwave. How would I find out the best at providing light over the range top? They are rarely operating in showrooms and personnel are not very knowledgeable on the subject. I just love a bright light for cooking! Thanks

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My first GE Profile OTR microwave used two 20W halogen bulbs, but is near the back of the unit, so didn't illuminate the stove-top well. After 7 year when the magnetron went out, I replaced it with a GE Profile OTR Convection/Microwave unit, since I wanted the added convection feature. This unit has one 50W halogen bulb, but is closer to the front, so it illuminates the range a top better. I have yet to see any brand use LEDs for lighting, mostly because they have to withstand heat coming from the range below it.

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OTR MWs offer suboptimal venting, lighting, and (unless you are very tall) MW ergonomics.

I don't think the space savings are a fair trade-off even in a tiny kitchen.

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