Shazam....I wok'd with the BS

beekeeperswifeJuly 6, 2012

In my last house we had a Capital Precision range, not the Culinarian. So, this is only comparing the BS rangetop to that range.

I do not have a full range, just a range top. We moved in about a week ago, and most of the cooking has been pretty tame so far, due to sheer exhaustion from unpacking, etc.

But yesterday, I found the wok while unpacking. We made fajitas in the wok. I was able to use the high burner, smoke was billowing out of the pan, and with my Independent hood, and all the smoke was just going up and out. None was spilling over into the room. The new hood is 27" deep, the Viking in the last house was 24" deep, so some smoke always escaped.

Dinner was delicious, I have not cooked like this apparently....ever. Here's a quick little photo of the range top in action.

I just wanted to share with all the appliance gurus! And thank you all for everything.

Here's the kitchen

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Congrats, love the pics, and now you have me sitting on the edge of my seat so to speak. My wife and I are 2 weeks out from our first "Selections" meeting for our remodel with our builder and we are very excited. We are going to go with a 36" BS rangetop just like you have, looks like you have at least I should say. Also looks like you went with 6 burners, correct, how do you like it so far in your limited experience?

Any tips or suggestions for things you wish you had done with this rangetop so far, like a grill or griddle?

Enjoy your new home!

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phil, I would have loved to have gone with a 48", with a grill. You cannot imagine the look I gave my dh when he actually said that recently. Way back in November, I brought up the idea since the range top wall was so wide that we could do a bigger range top. He poo-poohed it saying it wasn't necessary.

I would not go with 4 burners and a grill. I had 6 burners in the last house and I knew I couldn't go less. We did use them all. And sometimes we did use them all at the same time--go figure.

So, I'm very happy and wouldn't do anything different except go bigger, lol.

(If you can get a 27" deep hood, do it, you will NOT regret it)

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Nice job Bee! Looks great, fun to see real tasty results. Thanks for the tip about the 27" hood.

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Hey bee: nice woking! And your kitchen is devine! Very much my taste. I love the carerra and the different color island, the cabs with the glass do a wonderful job of not making the cabintry look too top heavy, and the floor is gorgeous too, in fact it looks identical to mine (from your pic).

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Great to see you're putting that beautiful new rangetop through its paces! Those fajitas look yummy! And thanks for the advice on the depth of the hood (I'm sure the extra width helped too)!

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Bee -- it is a little hard to see, but it looks like you left the grate in place while wokking. Did you know that you can take the grate away, and the wok will settle nicely into the bowl of the burner? (Maybe you did do that and I just can't tell from that shot.)
Thanks for sharing. I still can't believe your new kitchen is done. I am still finishing mine off!

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