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Pooh BearMarch 20, 2011

I normally set my screen resolution to 800x600.

Easier on the eyes that way.

I have one program that insists on a higher resolution.

So I created a new user account just to use that program.

I figured I could set the higher resolution in that account,

and then use my regular account with my usual resolution

But when I logged out of the other account and back into

my regular account, the screen resolution had changed there too.

Can't I have different screen resolutions in different accounts?

I thought that was the idea, to have personalized settings.

Windows XP home edition.


Pooh Bear

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Having different screen resolutions in different User Accounts is not one of the things available as a personalized setting in XP (or in any Windows OS as far as I know); screen resolution is a System Setting. What is the program that requires the higher resolution, and does it have an option to change the magnification once you're in it?

There is one piece of freeware I'm aware of, called Carroll, that might help you do this. It's available for download at a number of legitimate sites, but use at your own risk as I haven't tried it myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carroll: video and download

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There may be a way to achieve your goal. An 800x600 screen equates to roughly a 17" CRT monitor. Unless you're using an old monitor, you should probably adjust the settings to reflect the actual resolution of your monitor. This is doubly so for a LCD monitor, that has only one native resolution.

But you're going to say that your fonts/icons are too small. Those CAN be adjusted in Windows so that you can see your screen, display images correctly, and use your new program.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes if you are using an LCD monitor you really do need to set it to the proper resolution for that monitor, what you then need to do is go into your settings and set your DPI setting for a larger size, that is what I have done and it works perfectly.
Ignore the extraneous stuff on this link I just wanted it because it shows with pictures and good directions. You would want to pick a bigger DPI not normal.
Change DPI Settings in Windows XP

Change your DPI

Save your eyes with DPI Scaling in Windows Vista

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Pooh Bear

I'm using a (very old?) GateWay EV700 CRT monitor.
The program is Roxio 2009.
I tried opening it at the higher resolution and
then dragging the edges in but it will only go so far.

It did however seem to fix the data dvd burning problem.
Upgrading from Roxio 6 to Roxio 2009.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: DVD data disks missing data after burning

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Pooh Bear

That Carroll program works.
It jumbles up all the shortcuts on my desktop but it works.
If that isn't good enough I'll just change the resolution
myself when I want to burn data DVDs.

Thanks muchly.

Pooh Bear

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

did you change the dpi setting like I mentioned? that has worked for me on every monitor I have used.

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Pooh Bear

I didn't think that applied to my CRT monitor.

Pooh Bear

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You can certainly adjust the resolution on a CRT monitor (they don't have a fixed resolution like LCD monitors) but the trade off is that the refresh rates often slows. Ideally you want to use the highest refresh rate your monitor will support to reduce flicker and eye strain.

Looks like the EV700 tops out at 1280x1024 at 60 Hz. To my eyes, 60 Hz has a noticeable flicker. Then next step down 1024x768 at 75 Hz. I'd try that first.

So you can use a higher resolution and adjust the size of icons/fonts just like with an LCD monitor.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

absolutely yes DPI settings are for any and all monitors it is a system setting configuration the location for how to do it is in the links I provided.

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