Help me convince my other we need a dish washer in the basement

ShmomeyJune 28, 2012

Our new home will have a finished basement with about 1702 square feet. It will have a bar with a sink and built in micro wave and additional fridge. We originally planned for an additional dishwasher. She says we do not need it and it will only be a hassle with more dishes to worry about. I think we do. We have a big family and I think we will regret not getting a second dish washer in the house. Anyone want to pick sides?

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Does all the dishwasher that will bue used downstairs also live downstairs? If so I'd consider a second dishwasher.

I'm all for two dishwashers, however I'm putting my second one in my kitchen as it will get used a lot more there! :)

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I should have re-read my post. I meant to ask "Do all the dishes that will be used in the downstairs dishwasher be stored downstairs".

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Just make sure to have a 24" cabinet near the basement sink. Then, you can pull it out later (without saying "I told you so") and put in a DW.

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I would only do this if the glasses and dishes are going to be kept there. With a basement that size I would assume that the glasses at least will stay down there.

My only concern would be things put in and then the DW not being run for some time. You would have to have some sort of "policy" so your kids weren't throwing the random dish in there when it could sit for two weeks.

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We will have a dish washer up stairs with two ovens etc. Up stairs is approx 2032 square feet. My wife thinks the dish washer is a waste and it will never get used in the basement. She thinks all we need is the upstairs dishwasher. I just think we will regret it later. It will also cost more to add one in later... A

Anyone have a finished basement without a dishwasher in their bar?

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We have a large bar and entertaining area in our basement in our 6 yr old house. Lots of wine glasses, flatware, and other dishes there. These dishes continuously find their way upstairs and it drives me crazy!!

I put a large single sink, nice faucet, and soap dispenser there thinking that we would wash all of the dishes there. Doesn't happen.

If you expect to entertain in your basement put in a dishwasher.

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I asked a question about must haves in a basement wet bar/ kitchenette on the kitchen forum a while ago and several posters there recommended having a dishwasher. As a result, I decided to pass on a stove and include a dishwasher instead. It didn't take a lot of convincing. Where ever people congregate in my house dirty dishes follow and I hate carting dirty dishes upstairs. We're still going over a few final details but ours will include a bar sink, microwave, dishwasher and a small wine fridge. We have a full size fridge in the storeroom that is adjacent to area that will be our wet bar.

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If you anticipate not having as large loads downstairs as you would upstairs you could get an apartment size dishwasher so you wouldn't feel like you ran a half-full one at times. These are 18" instead of 24".

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Depending on how you intend to use the space in the future, I would consider roughing-in for a full kitchen down there.

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