Icemaker producing foul odor on ice

jerrypJuly 28, 2012

I recently replaced waterline to refrigerator icemaker as part of a remodeling project. The ice now has a foul oder and bad taste. I subsequently ran about 15 gallons of water thru the water line and the oder/taste improved but still have a slight oder/taste. It is a kenmore refrigerator with bottom freezor.

Suggestions. Only thing I know to do at this point is to replace the water line insider the refrigerator thinking it may have been contaminated with new line. Thanks

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Is the icemaker water line copper or vinyl/plastic/PVC? The former shouldn't smell, the latter's odor may dissipate over time.

Also check the icemaker itself - they often get grimy or moldy over the years. Remove it and clean it out, using a small amount of chlorine bleach mixed with water (and detergent if it's easily rinsible).

(No substitute for undercounter clear ice machines IMO, but that's a topic for another time and place. You'll never get a smell or discolored cube from them)

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