Place Shower Head AWAY from Lever?

pbx2_gwAugust 13, 2012

Has any1 ever install their shower components on different walls?

Great while waiting for hot water.

Does it take more pipes or a special diverter = more $$$$?

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It's a good idea.

It does take a bit more pipe to go around the corner. but I doubt it takes a different mixing valve, because they have plain pipe between the mixer and the shower head.

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I have two showers that have the controls on a different wall from the shower head. There were no different diverters involved.

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We just did this in a shower. It is similar to the pic posted with a door on the end. We wanted to be able to open the door and turn on the shower without getting hit with the water until the water temp warms up.

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I did it in my shower.

The two valves are right inside the shower opening. One head is on the ceiling, the other head on an opposite wall.

No additional valves or diverters are be needed, but sure, you need a few more feet of tubing and a few more 90's to make the turns.

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