I'm so NOT ready for Christmas.

PurplemoonDecember 24, 2010

I'm NOT ready for Christmas....

I don't mean in the usual way of last minute rushing to get things done. But it seems Christmas came too soon after Thanksgiving this year. I haven't had time to

really enjoy my decorations. More important, there was so much MORE I wanted to do! I had to leave a lot of my special things packed this year, and thanks to all the 'inspiration' photos here and in our albums, I had a list of new things to try. I need more time!

I sure wish Santa would slow down, for some of us adults.

Tho I know his job is to make all the children happy and they just can't wait for the big day.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas,

with love, Karen

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Karen - I know how you feel - while I got a lot done I really wanted to do up really fancy garlands and do more vignettes. I also have a lot of very pretty things that never got out. I spent a lot of time going through our mothers Christmas stuff and talking with family members on how best to distribute the special items - each sibling has their own memories associated with different things that Mom had kept over the years. It has been an emotional time and I just want to do what is best for her memory. I am happy with what I did get accomplished tho - we all only have so much time and do what we can

Merry Christmas to you and your family ((hugs)) .....


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Merry Christmas. And not to worry ... there's still plenty of time. Isn't there??

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Not every year can be a picture perfect one. I think we've all been there! Hope you can sit down and rest and enjoy what you do have up, Karen. I've just now (at 4PM) finished up my batch of 8 Christmas coffee cakes, my green chile roll-ups for tomorrow night's Christmas dinner here and the Winter Spice Molten Lava Cakes with Rum-Ginger ice cream for our dessert (we host Christmas dinner here). Well, the lava cakes are ready to pop into the oven tomorrow night, anyway, and I made the icecream 3 days ago. Thank goodness all I have to do for our Christmas Eve dinner tonight is warm up the homemade tamales, which were a gift from one of DH's patients, and my red chile sauce that I thankfully made early last week and froze . . . my back is tired! I feel a bit sad that my house looks so pretty, all decorated for Christmas, and I haven't posted even one pic of it this year here. Maybe on Monday.
Wishing you all a lovely and very Merry Christmas and let's all pray hard for peace in the world someday soon. I am so ready for it!

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Karen, I know what you mean, not having a tree this year in my home is really depressing, but I am still working on my remodel so I am enjoying my DD's tree at her apt. Next year I will be going all out since I will be finished with all the things I want to do (I hope LOL)

I am sending my best wishes to you, have a great holiday!

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Karen, too short between Tgiving and Christmas!
I cut way back this year, but I will be happy next week when everyone starts taking things down! Then the long brown winter here!
Merry Christmas! You know that old saying, Next year will be different! But usually not!

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I don't know why, but everyone I talk to is saying the same thing!

I do know, that here in Illinois, it stayed unseasonably warm til a week and a half before Thanksgiving. I know for me, that warm weather tricked me and Thanksgiving came up way too fast too.

Then we had that weekend away mid December & all of a sudden Christmas was 13 days away. So, I don't think we're the only ones, many people feel it came upon us too fast this year.

I did way less than normal too as far as decorating, but I'll be glad when it's time to put it all away.

Karen, just those curios alone is more than I did, you do so much more than me and it's all beautiful.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Karen, I can totally relate to what you are saying too. I really enjoyed Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorating this year, then it seems that so many other things came up and I just didn't get as much decorating done either. Like you, I had lots of neat ideas saved but didn't get them done--and I didn't paint one new thing for Christmas other than those "Is it over yet?" signs. But I have a whole new year to work on things for next year right? (We'll see how that goes!) LOL And even if you haven't had time to enjoy your decorations enough yet, you can leave them up for awhile or you can look at all the pictures you took and enjoy them that way. Now it's time to just enjoy being with family/friends and being ever so thankful that you can all be together. Luvs

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I admit it; I was a bit panicked , too. My boys are older (20 and 17), but I still want the magic. And every year, no matter what we have or don't have, they act as if it were all perfect. This year was no exception.
One of my DH's professors from grad school spends most holidays with us. His family is far away, and the alternative is to stay at the nursing home. Anyway, he had my husband take two of his beautiful watches, have them cleaned and boxed, and gave them to the boys this morning. Their response was priceless.
God is good ... all the time ...

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Lynne, even tho this Christmas was emotional for you going thru your Mom's things, I'm sure there were so many special memories to be relived. You are so lucky to have these family pieces to share with your siblings.
Till I joined this Forum, I didn't do a lot of decorating
and didn't think much about Christmas' past and heirlooms.
But I've heard so many wonderful stories of special things passed on from parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. That just sounds so heartwarming. I would really love to have been part of something like that in my family.
Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, but I am so lucky that many of you share your stories and pictures here.

Lynn, LOL, I don't know of a picture-perfect Christmas around my house. I looked forward to seeing your photos when you have a moment to catch your breath.

Thanks, Judith. It sure makes me happy seeing you here

Kathleen, if you are facing a long brown winter, how can you be glad to see Christmas stuff put away? LOL, I'd be hanging on to all the color I could. Do you leave any winter type decor out? That's going to be a subject for my next post by the way, later tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you, Yacht. It makes me feel so good to hear others say something I've done is beautiful. I was surprised to hear a lot of folks say they'd cut back on decorating this year. Not sure what that is all about. My DD and DDIL have just been far busier than usual, and Christmas stressed them some as far as trying to decorate. And my DDIL and Jason take things down the day after Christmas!!
Want their house back "in order". I don't get that, LOL.

"But I have a whole new year to work on things for next year right? (We'll see how that goes!)"...I hear ya, Luvs.
I'll probably still be procrastinating right up till next Christmas on some of the things I want to make. sigh.

Nancyjean, what a wonderful gift your boys got. That made Christmas extra special, and I am sure you make it that way for that dear gentleman.
Yes, the magic kind of goes when our children get bigger.
And I think we will always miss that part.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I leave the snowmen, but after a few blizzards feel like kicking them into a box and sealing it!
I'll get out the Valentines, and then the "bestest" of all,
St. Patrick's Day, and then Easter. Phew, that long brown winter flew by! :)
Karen I guess winter here is like you feel about summer there, too long and hot for you, too long, cold and snowy for me! Can't get out to look around in the stores!
But, to everything there is a season, LOL

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