ISO creative solution to bumping mirrors

coolbeanswAugust 28, 2012

In our hall bath reno, we replaced a crappy old medicine cabinet with a handsome Kohler unit that has a beveled mirror door. It had to go exactly where the previous one was, on the right wall perpendicular to the vanity mirror, so it opens toward the vanity mirror. Problem is that the med cab door opens more than 90 degrees and bangs into the vanity mirror. Contractor says hinges can't be modified to "stop" at 90 degrees. (True?) He recommends putting a clear plastic bumper on the top corner of the med cab mirror to cushion the inevitable collision. Will resort to this if necessary, but would prefer a better or more decorative solution. Any ideas? TIA

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Can you somehow attach a short piece of chain to the interior of the medicine cabinet (inside frame and back of mirror) so the chain stops the med cab from opening too far?

I'm thinking you would need to use shortened bolts or something else with a wide head.. those would go thru the chain and then get superglued to the cabinet on each side

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Interesting idea, tracie.erin!

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I have the same medicine cabinet. It opens past 90 degrees. But then we put a wood frame around it on the wall. Now the wood frame keeps it from opening all the way. It wasn't the goal to have the corner of the mirror hit the frame -- but it maybe a solution for you?

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Yes, indeed, ShellKing, your idea may provide the path to a solution. I hadn't considered that something adjacent to the outside door hinges, like a frame, would stop it. The med cab is so close to the wall corner that I could probably devise a bumper there that would be fairly invisible and would stop the door. Much better than affixing a bumper to the mirror itself. Thanks!

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