Kohler sink repair

tfitz1006August 20, 2014

We've got a crack in our Memoirs 24" bathroom sink. I can't seem to find anyone who can repair it...I call Kohler supply places and they say a china sink cannot be repaired. I know there is a kit. Mixed reviews on Amazon. Anyone tried it? I'm posting two pics. First shows entire crack, about 8". Second shows one gouge. Other than that it is fairly superficial. Thank you!

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Close up pic

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It is possible to buy a small bottle of porcelain paint to hide chips in concrete surfaces, but there is no repair kit that is going to fix that crack. It's a significant crack and you can see a displacement in the second photo which indicates the crack is all the way through the sink. Unfortunately, you should start thinking about a replacement rather than a repair.

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Sophie Wheeler

Replace it.

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Do you mind if I ask how old your sink is? I'm about to purchase a china vanity top with integrated sink, and this was one thing I was worried about - cracks.

As for repairing the crack, I'd replace it, if it were me. I had a crack in a toilet tank once. I tried everything to repair it, even to the point where I didn't care what it looked like. The closest I came to a repair was waterproof epoxy. But no matter what I did, water would slowly seep through. Toilet tanks are different from sinks, I know, in that they hold weighted water, but I would think that any china that water falls on would have that issue.

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