Can't open pdf's with PDF exchange (Viewer?)

lynnalexandraMarch 20, 2011

I'm stumped. My daughter's teachers post their assignments on line - often in pdf format. I've always been able to open them on my computer (I have pdfxchange - or so I thought). When I click to open, it gives me an option of which program to use. Now, pdf xchange is not listed in the progams. If I click browse, it's not listed in my program files. If I go to the Start Menu and look at programs, it's not listed there.

When I go to Control panel, add or remove programs, I do see "PDF Viewer" (although I thought the name was PDF xchange). But I can't access pdf viewer to open the pdf?

I know the teachers often use Macs (I have a pc) - and use Acrobat - but that hasn't posed a problem so far. Why won't my computer find pdfxchange to view this pdf? Also, in add or remove programs, it said program last used on Jan. 31, 2011 (and I know I've used it as recently as this past week).

Any ideas? Did PDFxchange change their name to pdf viewer? Has my PDFxchange just disappeared?

What should I do now?



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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I think I would just try re-installing the latest version that usually either removes the old one or incorporates it so may take care of it.

PDF-XChange Viewer

be sure to watch out for any extras that might try to tag along like toolbars

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Thanks, Raven. I just found that the program (or set up files) were sitting in my documents - and seemed not to have been set up. Maybe my daughter (using my computer) was prompted to upgrade - and downloaded the set up file - but never installed? I'm pretty sure I hadn't done that.

Anyway - it's set up and working now. Thanks.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

just make sure you have the latest updates they did one not long ago

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