computer shutting down

roseluverMarch 27, 2014

I have a new computer using Windows 7. I need to change settings so it doesn't shut down with out me being aware of it. What do I need to change? Many thanks.

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I think you mean the computer is going to "Sleep".

If you set Hybrid Sleep to âÂÂoffâ then your computer will not sleep. To set it off do the following.

  1. Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings
    2. Click on âÂÂChange Advanced Power SettingsâÂÂ
    3. Expand Sleep
    4. Under âÂÂAllow Hybrid Sleepâ ensure that the settings is set to âÂÂOffâÂÂ
    Now your computer will be on all the time
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No, the computer totally shuts down as in off!!!

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I googled >computer shuts off by itself got "About 5,740,000 results (0.21 seconds)" :-)

Lotsa reasons. Most common theme seemed to be overheating.

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What brand is this computer? Is it still under manufacturer's warranty?

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Under Power Options in the control panel, besides sleep, are several choices. One is when to turn the computer off. Have you checked your settings?

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Perhaps the heatsink fan has quit, then computer will indeed shut down to protect the processor (CPU)

If a desktop remove the side panel to see if the fan is spinning up, if a laptop feel the outlet for the air it will be on the side, back or bottom.

Or if the computer stays running long enough download Speccy from Filehippo and run it to see your temps. Stay with the free version.

Does the computer run for seconds, minutes or longer before shutting down?

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I will check the settings. I think Windows shut it down after completing some updates. This is what I want to stop. I never want it to shutdown without my knowledge.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Short of editing the registry which may not be a good idea, I'm not sure you can prevent auto-reboot to complete updates.

You could of course turn off "Automatic Updates". Set it to download them but let you decide when to install them.

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