What NOT to clean your stainless steel appliances with...

dbfirewifeJuly 11, 2013

I just had a new Samsung French Door refrigerator delivered..and the last thing the delivery man told me was not to use any cleaner with Ammonia in it, that it would turn the stainless purple....I have never heard this before and thought I would give the heads up here. So don't grab the windex to get a smudge off of your stainless steel appliance. Anyone have any experience with this?...

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KitchenAid/Whirlpool recommends a product for their stainless appliances. I used some on my Franke sink and it caused a purple hue around the drain. I immediately washed it out (it did go away) and won't use it again.

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I just use a microfibre cloth damp with warm water and another dry microfibre cloth after to dry them.

I used all types of stainless steel cleaning product on our last stainless steel appliances and all were horrible, leaving our appliances streaky, greasy and finger print magnets.

With just using water and the microfibre cloths our appliances now are easy to keep looking great even with kids.

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I'm not sure about the ammonia but I am sure that you should never use a chlorinated product on Stainless Steel. The chlorine is an oxidizer that will cause the SS to rust.

I've used windex for years to clean my SS appliances but I always condition the SS with mineral oil as soon as I'm finished with the windex.

Most store bought SS cleaners have mineral oil in them to treat the steel and protect it from finger prints.

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Another fan here of microfibre dampened with plain old water. It is a fabulous all-surface treatment, Why make housekeeping any more complex than it needs to be?

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it's ok to use pledge

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I agree with the micro fiber towel and water solution for everyday cleaning. But there are times that I lag on the everyday thing and my sink developes water spots that need a little something extra.

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Rubbing Alcohol--water--essential lavender oil (or other essential oil; adds fragrance, adds to the mixture's anti-bac properties, might also have a positive effect on surface tension of the mixture) in a spray bottle. Spray it on SS appliances (great on granite countertops, too), and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.

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Mineral oil, cheap and easy

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Stainless steel is widely used now a days. It is said to be strong but surely not maintenance free. it needs to be kept dry and away from things that can cause it to rust. As the metal becomes old, it loses its original shine and starts looking dull. At such times we tend to use all sorts of methods to make it look new.
At such times we should avoid scrubbing the metal because this might create scratches on it.
Use of acid based cleaners should strictly be avoided. These cleaners may cause harmful reactions and spoil the look and quality of the metal.
Use of organic cleaners could possibly be much safer for cleaning stainless steel appliances.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some organic cleaners

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Carbona - usually available at Publix

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Zep commercial stainless steel polish - Home Depot.

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Pledge and a microfiber cloth.

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Some stainless is covered with a coating to help with fingerprints. If you have such a product, don't do what I do - I have no idea what would happen. In order from most dirty to least.

Barkeepers friend if its really gory and it also seems to help diminish bleach or acid spots. I use only the soft side of a green scrubby sponge.

Simple green and a LOT OF RINSING will shine'r right up - it takes off accumulated grease and oil without scrubbing.

Some very dilute ammonia if covered with grease or oil and I don't want to rinse a lot. Be way careful if it's an appliance - some have labels painted on or powder coated parts. Ammonia can remove either one.

Miracle cloth and water.

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