Sub-Zero Freezer Drawer Ice Maker not working

beekeeperswifeJuly 8, 2014

Hi everybody,

It's been a long time it seems since I've been here. And just like a child who needs money, I'm back!

We have SZ built in freezer drawers with an ice maker. Love it. But now it has me stumped. It is 2 years and 2 weeks old (of course just out of warranty) and for some reason the ice maker is not making ice. (well, it might make it, but it's not falling down into the bucket)

I see it in the holding place before it drops it down into the bucket. It seems to be stuck in there. Should I take a wooden spoon and encourage it to come down? I don't want to break anything.

Maybe something is indicating to its brain that the ice bucket is full and it shouldn't drop it. I have looked but don't think that's the problem.

I have turned the "ice" button off, waited a bit, then turned it back on.

Any suggestions? The SZ Trouble Shooting section is not very helpful.

Thanks for the help.


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Give us the model # for the fridge, please, that way we will know what ice maker it has in it. I "believe" it was Antss that posted the ice makers were made by Whirlpool.

If that be the case, mine died after about 5 years and was easily replaced my me for about $125, (it's a plug in).

The way those ice makers work, is after the cubes are made, it has a heater that comes on just before the motor comes on that turns the device (kind of a "auger thing") that removes the ice from the tray. If that heater is burned out, (like mine was), then the motor is just not strong enough to remove those cubes, without slightly heating them first.

If you just push on the cubes, (gently), you should not busticate anything.

Not sure I would use a hair dryer to heat it a bit, as you are around water and a ground, and if~~~~~~well you might be missing a lot longer than you were, this time, (LOL).


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Thanks Gary.

It is not part of a fridge. It is the freezer drawers.


Here's a picture of it (the double drawers to the left of the ovens)

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Just took the drawer out. got a skinny wooden spoon and a pair of tongs prepped for surgery.

It seems as if the cubes in the maker were slightly melted and frozen together, therefore blocking the ability for the machine to dump them.

I have gently freed all lumps of ice. And am ready to see what happens.

I'll post back again.



Boy that was fast. I'm in another room and I just heard the music to my ears! Ice crashing down into the bucket! Even the dog barked when she heard it.

Thanks Gary for the encouragement to "get in there" and try to fix it!

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That's great news.

By the way good to see you in here again!

I will look up that icemaker, (for future reference), for you.


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For future reference, the part number of the icemaker appears to be 4200520, but I would confirm that with SZ first, (if you ever need one). That way you can compare online prices with SZ prices.


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I had a similar problem when one of my kids left my SZ bottom freezer drawer open long enough for temperature to go up to 25 (yikes). Ice fused together. Had to do the wooden spoon and hair dryer thing a couple of times and it now works. I threw a total sh*tfit. Guess who knows to be careful closing the drawer now.

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Might it be the kid with the "Red Rear End"?


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