Windex Stain on Marble Floor

nothingbutboysAugust 6, 2014

I stored a bucket of cleaning supplies on the marble tiled floor of my bathroom linen closet. Dumb move. Not only did the Windex bottle crack, the bucket cracked as well. I did not notice it for at least a week. I now have blue stains on light crema marfil marble tile. Does anyone have any suggestion of a poultice, or other options, to remove the stain? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Use a poultice of hydrogen peroxide and baking powder. Mix and make it the consistency of a runny paste. 1st slather on a tiny bit in a corner, let it dry to a cakey crust overnight and remove. Make sure it didn't do any harm. If it didn't, repeat and place on stained area. Close area off as it is not good for pets.

Afterwards, seal if you haven't already or reseal if its been awhile,

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Thanks so much - will try tonight and post with an update!

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Shouldn't it be baking SODA not powder? Or maybe it doesn't make a difference?

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