did anyone use the wood look tile in the shower

robinleAugust 17, 2013

We were planning on using the wood look tile in the master bath floor and shower.I have already bought the tiles. They are a long plank. When I bought the tiles I knew they would have to be cut smaller. When I met with the tile installer he did not think we should use them in the shower. He did not think there would be enough slope for the water to drain properly.
I would really like to hear from anyone who has used the wood look tile in their shower. Have you had any problems with the water draining? Where there any problems with them being installed in the shower?

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I haven't but was seriously considering it. I just had wood-look porcelain installed in our den/office/craft room this week and we have an adjoining bathroom.

The bathroom is our next project and I was thinking of a spa look and continuing the wood-look porcelain.

But I did not think of the slope. The bathroom and especially the shower are very small.
I know nothing about that stuff but I would think that the slope would be a consideration.

I'll be watching this thread. The slope sounds like it could be a real issue.

Are you tiling the rest of your bathroom with the wood-look porcelain also?

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I tiled a guest shower in a large rectangular wood look tile. Love it!
I used the same slate-look porcelain that's on the rest of the bathroom floor for the curb and then used the same slate look tile in a 2x2 for the floor. Looks great!

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If you put in a linear drain at one end of the shower floor area I think it would work. Take a look at Elphaba's shower. She has wood look porcelain planks in her shower floor. I don't know what kind of drain she has though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elphaba's bath reveal

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Yes, we have wood look plank in our 5 X 5 curbless shower.
Misingi Suber by Arizona tile.
And we have a linear drain - it is against the wall - no problem with drainage. - Because I have balance problems, I'm thinking of using a teak shower mat in the shower to avoid slipping and give me a little something for my toes to grasp. Even if we had mosaic tile and had more grout, I would still worry about balance. No problems yet but such is the nature of my disability. (I have a bench I can use if/when it gets really bad). We have bars on all four sides of the shower and so far, that helps me a lot too - at least keep from worrying. But bottom line, no problems whatsoever with drainage.
If we did this over, the floor would be the same, we love it and it is the first thing people comment on and they are always very favorable.
Here's a pic when it was being tiled:

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