Lighting Village scenes

peoniesandposiesDecember 7, 2010

I have a number of Dept 56 Dickens Village buildings. We've never lit them before because I don't want to have to hide a bunch of cords. We were thinking about using the new LED lights and somehow stringing them together.

Any suggestions? I'd also love to see your layout.

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I use a multi outlet extension cord that is attached to my village foundation. For ambient lighting I use white lights on white cord under the angel hair snow.

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Jaybird, I like the idea of putting lights under the angel hair - I may do something like that too.

When I set up my village, I use a power strip on the
table(s) and plug all the cords to the house lights in that. I cover it with the cotton batting so it is not seen. Some day I would love to set up a couple houses with a scene on our dining room table as a few people do. In that case the cords go through the crack in the table.

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We do pretty much the same as jay.
We have drilled holes in the board - run the wires and cover them with faux snow. We also make multi levels for the buildings using foam board.

Hope this is helpful..


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jane, I bet your little village begins to seem real and every "person" and "animal" in it after so many years. How fun to set it up and create all the scenarios.

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Actually DH sets it up. It's all his 'Labor of Love'. I always tell him I'd love to live in that town among those people and shop in those stores...It reminds me of
Bedford Falls, from It's A Wonderful Life'.


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jeannespines reminds me of doing Jr. Achievement with 3rd graders...entitled "My Community" ... the kids have placemat size maps with all a taxi, library, bakery, school, etc. etc. That was my first thought!

Wow, kudos to takes alot of love & labor to create this ...just like purplemoon's china cabinets! Amazing!

Good luck, peoniesandposies...sorry I don't have any expertise to add...but HAVE FUN! Jeanne S.

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J and Jane, thanks so much for posting your villages. They are so different and just beautiful. This should get some inspiration going.


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Jane that is the kind of Village I'd LOVE to be able to set up!! But somehow I don't think it would work with the cats, or rather Jazz aka Trouble.

The drawback of me putting my Village in the big china cabinet is NO lights on the houses. That's really a bummer. I just have to be satisfied with cabinet's lights
on things.
When I did set mine up on a small table, I used a power strip to plug all the houses into tho, and tried to cover it and any cords with 'snow'.

hugs, Karen

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Karen... I'm laughing, as I picture Jazz/Trouble.. and
your Village on a Table.... like a scene from 'Godzilla' !! lol
As for displaying them in your about using
those battery operated string lights among the houses.
They sell battery - string lights on timers now. I think Bethlehem lights has them.
I found one source (below)..but I'm sure there are other
sources. If they're too pricey to do all your buildings, you could buy a little at a time, or just light a few - here and there.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lights with battery/timer

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Jane, you would have been howling with laughter if you had seen me grabbing Posie cat by the nap of the neck last night....ooooohhhhh she got her behind swatted good and proper when I caught her in the middle of my village! This morning she was still mad, but decided to show up for breakfast. DH got home a bit ago and said everything looked as it should, so I guess she didn't get back up there today. Karen, do you suppose we could get a refund for these crazy cats??? ;^)
Where's Jim? He could identify with this too!

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There are several types of battery operated LED light strands available now. Some even have timers. You can curl a few lights from the strand into a house, then hide the next few under the "snow" before putting a few into the next house. The battery cases can also hide under the snow.

Department 56 also offers some solutions in their Anywhere Lighting products. Just read the use of each product carefully so that you know it will work for your application.

How nice of you to share pictures of your villages. I loved looking at them. I find all things miniature fascinating.

Here is a link that might be useful: Anywhere Lighting

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Ha you've got another 'Godzilla' too!
That must have been some sight..and I wonder who was more startled you or Posie. I swear, this must be a fantasy of theirs that they're conquering all humans and their belongings when they leap into the Village Displays.
I'll bet she's thinking up ways to get out! hehe

forhgtv...hi and welcome.
The Dept 56 system is a pretty neat system too...a little pricey, but as I told Karen, with any of these lighting systems, if purchased a little at a time, should do the job nicely in her cabinet.


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From a dog lover here, I am LOL over these "cats!" Lovable Sweeties, aren't they! jaybird, I think you've created the view looking thru the "Golden Gates" of "Heaven"...that village is quite heavenly! TFS! Jeanne S.
tee hee.... Godzilla...too funny, Jane!

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Posie the cat -- what a GREAT name!

Thanks everyone for the ideas.

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Jane, and ForHGTV, thank you for the links and information.
I will check the lights out. I didn't think to go to Dept 56 site this year, tho I usually look thru it.

In our Village Inspiration album, I have some photos of cats in villages. From members here. I laughed cause I think one commented "it takes a Village to raise a Cat",
then another said "it takes a Cat to RAZE a Village".
My Jazz would love to be a Catzilla and get in the midst of a village. Or have a large tree to climb. Guess I'm
a bad cat mommy, huh?

hugs, Karen

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I have a rather large village and have started using icicle lights to light my village. I run the main cord along the back of the scene and pull the different icicle strands down into the village to light houses, ect. The white cords are easier to hide under snow piles, ect .....


the village keepers

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Purplemoon - Great quote. I'll have to remember that one. Lynne - I see that your cat enjoys the warmth of the village lights!

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