Forbes Article: The most expensive appliances

GoosterJuly 26, 2013

Sorry if this was posted previously... contributor blog/article on the most expensive appliances in the world, including a slide show.

I am thinking this is probably heavily influenced by the marketing department of the manufacturers listed, as I'm certain some of the posters and readers here actually have seen or even purchased more expensive versions of the things shown. It is interesting, nonetheless

Link: Forbes Article

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Where's Gordon Gekko when we need him?

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The only haha moment was $47k as the most expensive "stove."

I was surprised to see Rachiele sinks there. I am pretty sure there are more expensive French made copper sinks.

I have a 30".Bought it for zero scratches and zero maintenance.

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If Forbes thinks that's the most expensive range, they've got "another think coming".

How about $ 100,000 for a range? This came up for a search of "most expensive range":

One... hundred... thousand... dollars. Whoa.

Here is a link that might be useful: $ 100K range

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100K is just a starting point, I believe, for some of the high customized ranges from La Cornue, Moltenis and a few others. (In fact, the 46K for the Grand Palais is the starting point).

I thought I stumbled across an example that was in excess of 200K -- can't find the link, but it was gold-plated and was for a Russian billionaire.

I also saw recently info on the Meneghini refrigerators. They start at 41K. (Not available in the US, so I'll have to wait -- ha ha). Is there a more expensive fridge?

Here is a link that might be useful: Italian fridges with Liebherr guts

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