Horrible long-term experience with Fisher Paykel single oven

tomtexasJuly 7, 2013

I would like to relay my experience with our Fisher Paykel single oven as a warning to those that consider buying this brand.

Our FP oven OS302SS was put in service in early 2008 and acted erratically from the get-go. We finally contacted customer service in August 2010 when the issues became worse. The same month repeated repair efforts began which ultimately resulted in ALL electronic boards being exchanged one after the other, because of power supply issues. Along the way it became apparent that the repair companies were at best sub-par, even though during our numerous calls to FP we had been promised 'white glove service'. Some of the repairmen had never seen a FP oven in their life and were consequently in the dark about how to approach this issue. It did not help that some essential parts of the oven were dropped on the floor by a repairman resulting in further repairs (to oven and floor). In late 2010 repair activity seized temporarily, since the oven appeared to be working.

In February of 2011 another bout of repairs started because fan and oven light were only operating intermittently. In the course of multiple repair visits and repair efforts, the oven stopped working altogether for periods of time. After numerous phone calls to the FP tech line, the repair company was no longer confident that this oven could be repaired and concluded that it should be exchanged as a lemon. Unfortunately, one of the repairman also got into an argument with the FP tech line (in our presence) resulting in a less than favourable impression of the situation by FP. FP refused at this point to swap the oven unless another repair company would assess the situation again. FP also suggested the local supervisor would get in touch and review the situation.

Reluctantly, we made an appointment with another repair company in a neighbouring city that had been suggested to us by FP (since we had been through with all the local ones), but the repairman never showed up. We were never contacted by the supervisor of FP and hence were unable to present our case to him. Based on previous experience with repairs my wife refused to contact yet another repair company. At this point the oven still experienced power problems intermittently and also did not hold the correct temperature. We had by then purchased a portable counter top oven and were able to use it when the FP oven was non-operational. We also learned to adjust the temperature of the oven manually with the help of a digital thermometer disregarding the displayed temperature.

In January 2013, less than two years of previous 'repairs' and hence technically within the warranty period of these 'repairs', the oven seized to operate completely. We have since been without the wall oven.

To call the experience with this oven a nightmare would be polite. Despite being used sparingly in a two-person household and not once having being used in the self-cleaning mode, the oven has NEVER worked reliably and as advertised for any length of time. We have been without an oven more often than not and are now faced with purchasing a new oven. The primary problem appears to be that the service companies FP contracts with are utterly incompetent, even though the friendly and courteous FP representatives suggest otherwise. At some point, we, the customers, were therefore sufficiently worn out from the repair attempts that we essentially gave up and lived without the oven. We deeply regret having purchased a number of FP appliances over the years.

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Wow tomtexas, what a nightmare! I found the name of the co. in Austin that services F&P's. Even if you're not in the area, it might be worth giving them a call since they sell F&P & service them. It's called Depew Appliances. Their number is: 512-452-5707. That being said, if you go on Yelp, the reviews for Depew are not raving! The salesman I talked w/ yesterday, Harrison, was very nice. Maybe you can talk w/ him 1st & see what he suggests, or maybe he knows someone he can suggest you call.

I'm sorry you're having such a problem. Good luck. Susan

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Interesting the disparity in experience different consumers can have with the same brand. I have four F&P appliances (not including a US-market, GE-sourced frontload dryer) and have had no trouble with any of them -- washing machine 14 years, DishDrawer® 10 years, washing machine 9 years, topload dryer 9 years.

Well, actually, one of the washing machines needed the pump replaced .... at 12 years old.

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Bicyclegirl, at this point I am not willing to spend any more money on repairs. The key electronic parts of the oven were all exchanged two years ago. Essentially it is a lemon that needs to be replaced.

As far as dadoes raving reviews of FP appliances go, of course, there is a range of experiences between consumers. I have no experience with FP washing machine, dish drawer, etc., but I can say that the performance of my refrigerator is at best marginal. It simply does not cool enough. This is under-written by a recent US consumer reports that did not include the FP refrigerator in the test results because they were too pathetic (I believe July 2013 edition). And, for that matter, my cook top's ignition is on auto-pilot and will just fire away when a certain plate it on, but I am not willing to have this repaired at this point. So there you have it, 0 for 3 on FP appliances, with the oven the absolute worst.

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I am reminded of the old saying "Most folks think well drilling companies drill for water but all of the ones I am familiar with drill for money".
Your experience also reminds me of my first car, a British sports car usually sold as a sideline by hand to mouth Chrysler on down new car dealerships. A tale of woe. The only competent mechanic it ever saw in all those years was the chap who prepped it when I put it up for sale.
Obviously, your oven has one or more difficult to diagnose intermittent faults which card changing zombies avoid like the plague. Donate it to someone who likes solving puzzles.

Don't waste any more nervous energy. Life is too short. Get yourself a nice new oven.

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When they said they wouldn't replace it until another repair company confirmed the problem, you should have aggressively pursued that:

>> Based on previous experience with repairs my wife refused to contact yet another repair company.

If you had, you might have a new oven now. Oh well, hindsight is wonderful. Time to move on.

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laat2, I would probably have invested in a non-FP oven a long time ago, if FP ovens had standard dimensions. This makes the search for a replacement so much harder. It's the sort of thing one doesn't consider when putting in that shiny new oven...

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Dadoes - your excellent experience with F&P was with appliances all 9 years and older. I do not think that is a fair comparison to the OP's experience. Your appliances were made by the old F&P, before several corporate restructures, acquisitions, and ultimately the 2012 takeover by Haier.

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Weissman, in terms of going for yet another repair appointment, we actually made that appointment, but they didn't show up. I suppose at this point we could have pestered them some more, but we gave up.

However, my posts at various sites on the internet (including FP facebook) did catch the attention of FP and, after some back and forth and (friendly) explaining, FP agreed to swap the oven for a new one. We are responsible for the cost of the installation, otherwise it is on the house. While I am, of course glad, that FP stepped up to the plate, I'll hold my breath for the next one to work better. I'll be giving an update on this site.

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tomtexas, I am hoping that you will let us know about your replacement oven from Fisher Paykel because it seems likely that you did indeed get a lemon. My experience with the same oven, two different examples in two different houses has been outstanding! FP helped me with all the information I couldn't find in their manual. I had a session with their home economist on the telephone after I got my first oven. When we had to move in 2010 we bought a new FP oven exactly like the first because it performed so well. My oven is used several times a week. I bake all our bread, I bake many desserts -- both for us and for other events. And I love the special functions like "Roast" which makes incredible roasted vegetables, and "pastry bake" which makes piazza like you've never tasted before.
I hope you will have as many reasons to really love your new FP oven!

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